Top 10 Best Hot Glue Guns In 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Hot Glue Guns

Are you interested in daily home repairs, doing DIY projects, or even in arts and crafts? If yes, the hot glue guns come in handy. It helps melt glue quickly and safely in wood, fabric, metal, and even jewelry. Hot glue guns are capable of joining any objects efficiently and in a mess-free manner. You can use them to seal any leaked surface or create a bond between 2 surfaces for long-lasting adhesion.

There are several hot glue guns in the market, mixing up the original and counterfeit, which makes it challenging to select the best one. To help you choose the best model, we have done detailed research and reviewed the top 10 best Hot Glue Guns as well as buying guides to assist you in making an informed decision.

List of Top 10 Best Hot Glue Guns in 2020

#10. Cobiz Hot Glue Gun Heavy Duty High Temp Glue Gun Kit

Cobiz Hot Glue Gun Heavy Duty High Temp Glue Gun Kit

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The Cobiz Hot Glue Gun is highly efficient and consumes very little power. This professional high-quality hot glue gun that shows your DIY talent easily. Ideally, this Glue Gun Kit is ergonomically designed and comes in a suitable size to fit comfortably in your hands. Moreover, it is engineered with high-quality plastic that sustains high temperature and pressure without deforming.

This Glue Gun is included with 10pc premium sticks. Also, it has a unique Dual Power 60W/100W and features a ceramic PTC thermal heating system that allows 1 to 3 min fast preheating. Another thing, this glue gun is safe and efficient with inbuilt safety features to prevent overheating. With that, it is safe to use.

Key Features:
  • 10 pcs mini hot glue sticks
  • Perfect for DIY and craft projects
  • Build to last
  • Safe and secure
  • Unique Dual Power 60/100W
  • Rapid Heating

#9. AdTech Lo-Temp Compact Mini Glue Gun for DIY and School Projects

AdTech Lo-Temp Compact Mini Glue Gun for DIY and School Projects


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This glue gun by AdTech can heat up fast within three to five minutes. It is a compact mini gun that helps kids to do their school projects, and it is also perfect for home for DIY projects. This 10-watt gun is ideal for gluing plastic, paper, light wood, and foam materials. In addition to that, it is going to preserve delicate materials such as foam and fabric from warping as it is a low-temperature glue gun.

Ideally, this glue gun features a long 5ft electrical cord that gives you plenty of room to shift with much flexibility. Another thing, the device comes with 0.28 inches diameter multi-temperature glue sticks. This economically-sized gun can be used for detail work such as lightweight embellishments, holiday ornament details, and beading.

Key Features:
  • 5-foot cord
  • 10-watt gun for small projects
  • Economically-sized gun
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Best for light wood and papers
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#8. VOLADOR 60W Anti-Drip DIY Hot Glue Gun with 12PCS Glue Sticks

VOLADOR 60W Anti-Drip DIY Hot Glue Gun with 12PCS Glue Sticks

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This is a reliable hot glue gun that heats up in less than three minutes. It features anti-drip design and will effectively prevent glue leaking and dripping when it in resting position. Ideally, this hot glue gun is safe and easy to use, even for children. The built-in safety fuse, the copper core of power cable, and high purity copper glug ensure that no risk of overheating or sparks. The nonmetallic stand and silicone insulated nozzle make it safer to use.

This hot glue gun is constructed from premium ABS plastic and has an excellent finger trigger system that usually pushes glue out consistently and evenly. Besides that, it comes with 12 PCs strong adhesive and eco-friendly, which also protect your health. Above all, this glue gun is perfect for sealing, hobby repairs, carpets, crafts DIY, and more.

Key Features:
  • Made from premium abs plastic
  • Anti-drip design
  • Multipurpose hot melt glue gun
  • 60w power and 3 minutes quick heating
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort
  • Comes with 12 pcs strong adhesive glue sticks

#7. AdTech Hi-Temp Mini Hot Glue White Gun Combo Pack

AdTech Hi-Temp Mini Hot Glue White Gun Combo Pack


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Do you want to assemble small parts, seal packages, fix toys, sandals, or create waterproof led lights? The only product that can assist you to do all these activities is getting this AdTech Mini Hot Glue Gun. It is a high-temperature hot gun that will help you to bond on virtually all materials such as ceramic, fabric, wood, plastic, metal, papers, etc. It works in low, high, and multi-temperature, and the unit is UL Certified for safety.

What’s more, this combo pack is perfect to use at school, office, or home. Moreover, it is ideal for crafting, scrapbooking, DIY, and school projects as it is acid-free and has no harsh chemicals. This glue gun comes with Mini Size hot glue sticks, and the Gun is made from robust and high-quality plastics.

Key Features:
  • Multi-temp hot glue sticks
  • Made of high-quality and robust plastic
  • High-temperature hot glue gun
  • Perfect for crafting
  • Mini size hot glue sticks

#6. TOPELEK High-Temperature Glue Gun, with 30pcs Glue Sticks

TOPELEK High-Temperature Glue Gun, with 30pcs Glue Sticks

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This Hot Glue Gun by TOPELEK runs at 20 watts and will offer high temperature that will melt the glue in 1.5 to 3 minutes. Furthermore, it will keep a constant temperature, and this makes it ideal for small arts and craft making, school DIY. You can also use it for repairing small cracks of shoes, toys, household appliances, circuit boards, glassfish tanks, and more. Subsequently, this trigger propulsion device features flexible support and will keep the glue gun upright and stable.

The Glue Gun comes with 30 pieces of environmental-friendly glue sticks that are enough to last for a long time. These glue sticks have strong Adhesiveness, and this makes them perfect for fabric, cotton, lace, wicker, paper, brick, ceramic, glass, plastic, wood, and other materials. Lastly, these devices are included with an 18-month warranty and user manual.

Key Features:
  • Heats up in 1.5-3 minutes
  • 30pcs environmental-friendly glue sticks
  • Safe and easy to standby
  • User manual included
  • 18-month warranty
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#5. Cobiz Hot Glue Gun 60/100W Dual Power Heavy Duty Glue Gun

Cobiz Hot Glue Gun 60/100W Dual Power Heavy Duty Glue Gun


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The Cobiz hot glue gun features a quality plastic material construction that is heat resistant. It features a PTC thermal heating system, and this makes to have 1 to 3 min fast preheating. Ideally, this glue gun features a unique dual-power design making it universal for home, office, and arts & crafts jobs. Similarly, this Heavy Duty Glue Gun is made using high-quality plastic that will sustain high temperature and pressure without deforming.

One great thing about this Glue Gun is that it has a fuse and inbuilt safety features that will prevent overheating to ensure safety. Also, it is included with 10pc premium sticks. Let your creativity flow with this Glue Gun as it is easy to use and will let you show your talent easily.

Key Features:
  • Safe and efficient
  • 10pc premium sticks
  • Unique dual power 60/100w
  • Two rubber finger protector
  • 1-3 min fast preheating
  • 3-year warranty

#4. Blusmart 20W High-Temperature Hot Glue Gun for DIY Projects

Blusmart 20W High-Temperature Hot Glue Gun for DIY Projects


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This is one of the top-selling glue guns you can find out there. It is made of high-quality fire-retardant materials; thus, it is going to protect your hands from any burn. Furthermore, this hot glue gun has enough power to handle various applications, from decorating ideas to home repairs. With its smart temperature control, it will offer a perfect output and excellent performance.

With its unique appearance and Flexible stand, this glue gun will ensure you fulfill your daily demands. Its trigger propulsion will offer accurate control while decreasing the glue waste. To finalize, the premium insulated nozzle minimizes the deformation of the gun even when used for an extended period.

Key Features:
  • Accurate trigger propulsion
  • Fast heat up the glue gun
  • Fast 3-5 minute warm uptime
  • Made using fire-retardant materials
  • 30 pcs strong-glue sticks

#3. AdTech 0453 Dual Temperature Full-Size Hot Glue Gun

AdTech 0453 Dual Temperature Full-Size Hot Glue Gun


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Searching for a multipurpose hot glue gun that you can use for repairs, dioramas, arts and crafts, upholstery, decorations, and other cases? AdTech 0453 is the right pick for you. It is a dual temp glue gun that enables you to change between low and high temperature effortlessly. The high heat can quickly bond metal, glass, porous, and other heavier materials, while the low temperature can be used to delicate bond materials such as fabric and paper.

This multi-temp Glue Gun comes with multi-temperature Glue Sticks with 0. 44 inches diameter and of any length. Moreover, the gun is made from high-quality and robust plastic materials. Also, it comes with a 5feet cord, and it is UL Certified to ensure safety.

Key Features:
  • Multi-temp glue gun
  • Perfect for crafting and DIY projects
  • Constructed using high-quality and strong plastic
  • Multi-temperature glue sticks
  • Comes with 5ft cord
  • UL certified to ensure safety
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#2. CCbetter Blue 20W Glue Gun

CCbetter Blue 20W Glue Gun


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This is a moderately priced heavy-duty 20W Glue Gun and still delivers decent quality. It heats up in three to five minutes and features a smart temp control allowing it to provide the constant temperature. Moreover, it is integrated with a safe and secure power switch, which makes it extremely user-friendly. The glue gun has flexible support, and this keeps it upright and stable, and thus you can use it at any angle.

This multipurpose Glue Gun comes with 30 pieces of strong-adhesive sticks that are environmentally friendly to shield your skin and objects. The gun is perfect for ceramics, plastic, fabric, card, glass, wood, metal, and more. In brief, this Glue Gun bonds instantly and cools quickly.

Key Features:
  • 3-5 minutes fast heat up
  • Safe power switch
  • 30pcs free glue sticks
  • Removable abs anti-hot cover
  • Secure power switch

#1. TACKLIFE Mini Hot 20w Glue Gun for Quick Repairs and DIY

TACKLIFE Mini Hot 20w Glue Gun for Quick Repairs and DIY


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TACKLIFE Mini Hot Glue Gun is another great glue gun that comes with elegant features that you cannot find in other guns in the market. First, it heats up quickly; thus you spend less time waiting. In addition to that, it is energy efficient. It has a user-friendly inside design that will effectively prevent overheating and features security fuse that prevents leakage, and this makes it safe to use.

This Glue Gun has wide application as you can use it for high wheel decorations, necklaces, ornaments-hair clips, slogans, and small ropes. The unit is included with 30pcs hot melt glue sticks that are environmentally friendly and comes with a user manual.

Key Features:
  • Includes 30pcs glue sticks
  • Ergonomic handle for long-term hold
  • Widely application and easy clean
  • CE certificated thus extremely safe to use
  • User manual included

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Hot Glue Guns

  • Temperature range – The first thing you need to look at when buying a hot glue gun is the temperature range. To choose the best device with a perfect temperature range, you need to look at the material that you are working on. In the event that the material is delicate like fabric, plastic, ribbons, or foam, you need to purchase a low- temperature hot glue gun. On the other hand, higher temperature guns are perfect is you want to bond high-temperature materials such as metal, glass, and porous.
  • Tip size – If you are you intending to use the glue gun on different materials, then you need to have various tips for that work. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a gun for a unique application type, you need to invest in a model that will suit your requirements. For flexibility, a glue gun that comes with interchangeable tips will offer excellent value.
  • Power – You will find that some guns are cordless while others are corded. If your work involves indoors, then you can purchase the one that comes with a cord as you can plug it on the wall power outlet. However, if you are planning to use it outdoors. Then, you can invest in a gun that comes with a rechargeable battery to ensure convenience.


There are different types of hot glue guns accessible in the market based on an operational range of temperature, size, and various other features. With that, you need to go through each product and choose the one that fits your requirements and budget. All these products are made with high-quality materials and will give you value for your money.

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