Ionic Hair Dryers In 2021

Top 10 Best Ionic Hair Dryers in 2023 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Everyone with a regular instant hair drying need usually has a trusted hairdryer in their locker. Hairdryers don’t just dry your hair, they also help with damage control and also nourish your hair. Getting the right ionic hair dryers are a must if you want your hair to be in its best of shapes.  One type of hair dryer making waves in the market right now is ionic hair dryers.

These hair dryers are different from the standard hair dryers and they work in such a way to reduce hair damage and also improve on drying time With such amazing features on display, it is no wonder there is a rush for ionic hair dryers in the market. In helping readers make the right choice in getting the right ionic hairdryer, we created this extensive review to aid their decision process.

List of Top 10 Best Ionic Hair Dryers in 2023

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In helping readers make the right choice in getting the right ionic hairdryer, we created this extensive review to aid their decision process.

#10. Andis 1875-watt Gold ionic hair dryer

Andis 1875-watt Gold ionic hair dryer

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The aesthetic design, performance, and efficiency make this dryer a phenomenal ionic hairdryer. Upon usage, it is noticed that heat matches those of professional dryers with its intensity. This intense heat has makes the drying time short.

The price is good and it’s worth it. On a negative note, the dryer turned off a couple of times but other than that, the performance is unmatchable. The Andis 1875-watt Gold ionic hair dryer is one of the top ionic dryers in the market.

#9. Conair 3 in 1 1875-watt ionic hair dryer

Conair 3 in 1 1875-watt ionic hair dryer


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Achieving different styles and outlook is now made easy thanks to the Conair 3 in 1 ionic hairdryer. The dryer is not so different from the other Conair in this review guide. The major difference is the 3 attachments that come along with it. Each of the attachment offers a different style and look for you.

Utilizing the Conair 3 in 1 ionic dryer, leaves your hair extra shining The one negative tied to this product is that the attachments do fall off from time to time, and also, they might be a little difficult to attach. Don’t let that shy you away from getting this product, it is truly remarkable.

#8. JINRI 1875W Professional Salon Grade Hair Dryer

JINRI 1875W Professional Salon Grade Hair Dryer


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The Jinri professional ionic dryer works as the name implies. It gives your hair a professional touch and creates an even distribution of heat across your hair. At 1875watt, the motor is different from various similar products with the same wattage as it was observed to have a higher drying performance.

The lightweight of the device along with the lifetime warranty that comes with the product makes it a must get. The extra-long cord also makes this dryer very like-able. A little practice is needed on how to properly hold the dryer so as not to change the speed settings (this was one aspect of the dryer that I didn’t like).

#7. Remington hair dryer D3190A

Remington hair dryer D3190A

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I have observed that the Remington D3190A dryer does a fabulous job in not just drying your hair but also reduces damages on your hair. In terms of damage control, no other hair dryer comes close to the D3190A Remington dry and that’s what makes it one of the top ionic hair dryers. Some very appealing features of the product which make it like-able include its affordability, the fact it helps to minimize and control hair damage, and also its low noise function. Put all these features together, and you get a very reputable and highly recommendable product.

No product is without its glitches and for the Remington D3190A dryer, the short cord (measuring just 5 feet) is one of the turns off of this product. Despite that demerit, the product is a must get.

#6. Hot Tools Tourmaline Ionic Dryer

Hot Tools Tourmaline Ionic Dryer

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Hot Tools Tourmaline Ionic dry gives users the option of having an extra quiet and lightweight dryer. I must confess that the low noise option is truly remarkable. You won’t know the dryer is functioning until you feel the hot sensation on your hair. As a way to get your hair dry in record time, the dryer comes with8-speed options each tailored to give you a different degree of dryness.

For a 1875watt dryer, the hot tool does a great job of drying your hair in record time with little or no noise. A noticeable dislike on this product is how fragile the parts look but other than that glitch, the product is one of the top ionic hair dryers.

#5. BIO IONIC 10x dryer

BIO IONIC 10x dryer

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Sometimes to get the best, you have to spend a good bit of cash. For the price that BIO IONIC 10x dryer goes for, it is worth every bit of it. At first usage, the dryer is extremely lightweight and free on the hand. The 3-speed settings that come with the dryer make It very simple to use. A huge advantage that comes with the BIO IONIC 10x dryer is the fact that it offers silky hair and not just that, the low noise will actually take you by surprise when you use the dryer.

The expensive price might be a little turn off for most folks (and the fact that there are no heat settings except fan settings can make you dislike the product) but after using the BIO IONIC 10x dryer, you can be assured you are getting your money’s worth.

#4. Sam villa professional ionic dryer

Sam villa professional ionic dryer

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Made by a renowned salon owner and professional hairstylist, Sam Vila ionic dryer is one of the best ionic dryers in our review. It is crafted by the finest hands in Italy as compared to other products which are China made. For a 1750-watt motor, the powerful airflow it generates was a match (if not greater than) for some of the 1875-watt models on the market.

Using it, you immediately notice how user-friendly it is a unique handle and lightweight to make its usage comfortable. One of the eye-catching features of this dryer and why It stands for me is the efficiency that it generates. It dries your hair quickly in no time and also leaves it extra smooth and very soft.

#3. Magnifeko ionic hairdryer

Magnifeko ionic hair dryer

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Magnifeko ionic hairdryer sure knows how to keep your hair perfectly dry and give you the right styling. The dual-speed option allows you to go for subtler drying as well as a fast-drying depending on your choice.

Apart from the fact that you have to practice how to handle so you don’t mistakenly switch between speed modes, the lightness, fast drying feature, high performance, and stylish design make the magnifico ionic dryer a must get for hair fanatics.

#2. Opulent care best ionic hair blow dryer 1875watt

Opulent care best ionic hair blow dryer 1875watt

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It is not easy to find dryers with long cords and at the same time affordable. The opulent care ionic hair dryer easily meets both criteria and that’s why it makes it on our best ionic hair dryer review. The 9-foot cord gives you the freedom to utilize the dryer as you want. One thing that is evident when using this product is the shine it brings on your hair and this can be attributed to the tourmaline feature that comes with the dryer.

Dual speed option, 1875 motor and 2 attachments make the opulent care 1875watt dryer highly recommendable. The only turnoff points when using the product is the weight. At 2.2lbs, the product comes out a bit heavy. If you don’t mind the extra weight and you want a highly functional device, then go for Opulent care’s best ionic hair blow dryer 1875watt.

#1. Conair 1875watt ionic black/chrome dryer

Conair 1875watt ionic black:chrome dryer

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In getting the best ionic hair dryers, you necessarily don’t need to spend all your savings. The Conair 1875watt ionization dryer ensures that you get the best at a pocket-friendly price. After using the product, the shine on the hair is pretty obvious to everyone and not just that you don’t have to worry yourself about getting your hair burnt as the product functions optimally during its usage.

A plus on the Conair dryer is that it works very well and although it is not lightweight, at 1.8lbs, it is not too bulky for use. The only negative that can be cited on the product is the fact that the cord length is a little bit short at 4.5 feet. If you are not so bothered about cord length, go for the Conair 1875watt ionic black/chrome dryer and you won’t be disappointed.


With the best ionic hair dryers in the market, you need not worry about your wet hair issues. Each of the hairdryer in this review guide designed to give you the best performance when you utilize them. Go through this guide so you can make the best decision when it comes to buying the best ionic hair dryers for your hair needs.

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