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Small safes

Many of us have smaller possessions which we cherish. Often, there is an emotional value attached to these possessions. Apart from these, there are documents that we need to safeguard. You might even want to keep some cash utterly safe in your home. The best way to do all of that and more is with the small safes. The small safe will occupy very little space in your home. At the same point in time, it will secure the contents quite easily.

You might think that choosing a small safe is easy. You have to search for a small safe on Google, and you can find the right option. The truth is that there are many variants available that you might get confused. It is essential to understand the application for which you are buying the small safe. We will help you with all of that and more.

List of Top 10 Best Small Safes in 2020

We will now list down the best options which you can directly choose. These are small safes that score pretty good in all the above criteria.

#10. SentrySafe X105 Security Safe

SentrySafe X105 Security Safe

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The small safe which we are discussing now comes in 6 different size variants. The size variants change the space which is available inside the small safe. It opens with the help of a digital keypad. It is carpeted inside and has removable shelves. Thus, you can store your content without any problem. It is versatile, and you can use it as a document safe or jewelry safe. With the help of live locking bolts, steel construction, and concealed hinges, you can be sure that breaking into the safe is not easy. When you’re looking for a versatile and highly durable safe, you can consider this option.

Key Features:
  • Available in 6 different sizes
  • A digital keypad locking system
  • Durable steel construction
  • Carpeted interiors
  • Removable shelves

#9. Digital Safe-Electronic Steel Safe

Digital Safe-Electronic Steel Safe

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The next safe on our list is again available has four different variants to choose from. It is highly portable. It is suitable for residential use as well as commercial ones. You can store documents, jewelry, and even cash in the safe. It has an LED keypad that allows you to program the keycode quite easily. You can program it between 3 digits to 8 digits. In case, you want to override it; there are two manual override keys that can help you access the contents inside. After three incorrect entries, there will be an alarm that will sound.

The alarm warning will be on for 20 seconds. Even after that when there are three more incorrect entries, the alarm will sound for at least 5 minutes. If someone tries to use force to access the contents of the safe, you can easily listen to the alarm. Moreover, with the help of steel construction, you will have no problem at all with the durability of the safe.

Key Features:
  • our different variants
  • Portable
  • Steel construction
  • LED keypad
  • Manual override Keys
  • Alarm system

#8. 7730 Paragon Lock and Safe

7730 Paragon Lock and Safe

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The best thing about this small safe is that it is easy to operate and program. You can easily punch in the keycode. Moreover, the construction is highly durable. It consists of solid steel. The mounting plate is 1/8 inch. It is easy to operate and perfect for documents. The safe is portable which ensures that you can keep it at your home or you can even keep it in your vehicle. With the help of tamper-proof hinges, it is easy to keep your content entirely secure.

You can change the code as many numbers of times as you want. You can activate the buzzer which will alert you in case someone tries to open it with a wrong entry. There is also an LED to indicate the status of the safe. When you’re looking for a programmable and compact safe, you should not ignore this option.

Key Features:
  • Programmable
  • Versatile
  • Solid steel construction
  • Tamper-proof hinges
  • Good enough for documents
  • LED Keys

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#7. AmazonBasics Security Safe

AmazonBasics Security Safe

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The next small safe on our list is again one which comes in many different sizes. The advantage is that you can buy the one which will exactly fit into the space available at your home. It works on 4 AA batteries. It also consists of 2 emergency override keys. Apart from that, you can punch in the key code to access the safe. With the help of steel construction, tampering the safe is not an easy task. The carpeted floor ensures that the documents, as well as the contents inside, are always secure. With the help of 2 live bolts, the durability is not a problem at all. Concealed hinges are a part of the design. You can re-program digital access without any problem.

The installation on the wall, floor, or shelf is possible as per your requirement. It comes along with the shelf, but if you want to remove the shelf, that is indeed possible. You can utilize the space inside as per your requirement. When you’re looking for a small safe which you can mount at the place you need, you should check out this one.

Key Features:
  • Available in different sizes
  • Steel construction
  • Carpeted interiors
  • Two override Keys
  • Re-programmable
  • Removable inner shelf

#6. AmazonBasics Home Safe

AmazonBasics Home Safe

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The safe which we are speaking about now has a capacity of 1.5 cubic feet. The size makes it suitable for documents, jewelry, and even other precious possessions. It has an electronic keypad that is easy to program. You have to punch in the key-code, and it will open up quickly. There is also a back-up key that comes along with it. In case of any emergency usage, you can use the backup key. It consists of carbon steel. Carbon steel is much more heavy-duty as compared to standard steel.

When it comes to durability, you will face no problem at all. It also consists of 2 live bolts and concealed hinges. The level of security is enhanced. It is available in a couple of other sizes if you want to buy a bigger or smaller one. You can pick the one precisely as per your requirement. The versatility of this safe is what makes it a good option.

Key Features:
  • Available in 3 different sizes
  • Versatile
  • Programmable keypad
  • Includes a Backup key
  • Carbon steel construction
  • Consists of concealed hinges

#5. AmazonBasics Home Keypad Safe

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The next option on our list is a pretty compact small safe. It is useful to store cash and documents. It consists of 5 different compartments to organize the receipts as well as the money which you store in it. It comes along with the combination lock to access the contents inside. Once you punch in the combination lock, it is easy for you to access the contents inside. It is good enough for outdoor usage. You need not worry about the cash spilling out. You can even keep some coins and rings. It can easily double up like a jewelry box. It is resistant to damage from any drop.

It does not pass on the impact on the contents of the box. The contents inside it are safe and entirely secure even when you drop it accidentally. It is suitable for lockers, home usage, cabinets, and even supermarkets. The curved edges allow you to hold it for an extended period easily. With the help of sturdy steel construction, it is easy for you to secure the contents inside without any problem. When you’re looking for a pretty compact small safe, you should have this option on your list.

Key Features:
  • Good enough for cash and jewelry
  • Five different compartments
  • Impact-resistant
  • Steel construction
  • Lock combination
  • Suitable for commercial and home usage

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#4. Protex Electronic Wall Safe

Protex Electronic Wall Safe

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When you’re looking for a smaller safe, you can consider this option. With the help of the electronic locking mechanism, it is easy for you to use it. Moreover, it can fit into the wall perfectly. It has a motorized locking bolt system. When you punch in the right code, the door is quick to open. It consists of 2 shelves inside. In case, you do not want to use the shelves; you can remove them easily. When you look at the space inside, it is 0.44 ft.³. It is suitable for documents as well as other possessions without any problem.

The fact that it is a wall install-able safe is one of the main advantages. It makes it very difficult to steal or break. When you’re looking for a Wall safe which is also compact, you should consider this option rather than any other.

Key Features:
  • Burglary resistant
  • Wall safe
  • Motorized locking bolt system
  • Electric keypad
  • Removable shelves

#3. SentrySafe Lock Safes

SentrySafe Lock Safes

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The safe which we are speaking about now is ideal for home-usage. It is good enough for not just storing the documents but also the valuables. The carpeted floor ensures that the contents inside are kept in proper condition. With the help of a key locking assembly, you can protect the contents without any problem at all. There are two live locking bolts. The steel construction means that you do not have to worry about the durability. The bolt-down design ensures that there is no unauthorized removal of the contents from the safe.

There are two keys that come along with it. The custom foam interior allows you to keep documents as well as cash inside without any problem at all. It is battery operated which means that you will not have to grapple a lot to use it once you buy it. All of these features make it a pretty good small safe.

Key Features:
  • Carpeted interiors
  • Two live locking bolts
  • Steel construction
  • Includes two keys
  • Suitable for documents and valuables
  • Suitable for personal usage

#2. SentrySafe X055 Security Safe with Digital Keypad

SentrySafe X055 Security Safe with Digital Keypad

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The unique thing about the small safe which we are discussing now is that it is fire-resistant. It can protect the contents inside for at least 2 hours. It can protect the contents inside as long as the temperature of the fire is less than 1850F. It consists of the dual-layer of steel. The dual-layer ensures that it is hard to break. With the help of a combination locking system and key locking system, you get double protection as compared to other options. It has adjustable shelves inside.

You can easily remove the shelves whenever you do not need them. The hardened dual-layer construction of the safe is the main USP. When you’re looking for a fire-resistant small safe, you can consider this option.

Key Features:
  • Fire resistant
  • Combination lock
  • Key entry system
  • Dual entry system
  • Removable shelf
  • Good enough for documents and other small possessions

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#1. Stack-On SBB-11 Steel Security Box

Stack-On SBB-11 Steel Security Box

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The main advantage of the small safe which is on the top of our list is that it has welded steel construction. The welded steel construction removes all the weak points. It increases the strength of the safe. Moreover, it is highly durable. The single unit construction makes it difficult to break. It uses the lock and key mechanism. Thus, there is no worry about hacking any digital locking system of the safe.

The padded interior allows you to protect the contents inside without any problem at all. The compact size means that you can keep it in a small amount of space without any problem at all. In spite of the small size, the main advantage is that the interiors are such that you can store a lot of documents. You will not feel cramped for space. As long as you’re buying it for home usage, there will be no problem at all to use the small safe. In spite of that, if you’re looking for more space inside your safe, you can easily opt for multiple units.

You can buy the multiple connecting units which allow you to configure them to open in any direction. It will be easy to get the amount of space that you want inside the safe. It is available for purchase as a single unit or multiple units. The versatility of the safe increases multifold due to this very reason. All in all, it is suitable for documents as well as various other possessions.

Key Features:
  • Key-based entry system
  • Suitable for documents and other possessions
  • Welded construction
  • Compact design
  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Carpeted interiors

Factors to consider when buying the best Small Safes

  • Type of protection – Of course, you’re looking for burglary protection. Additionally, you might also look for fire protection and water resistance. You have to list down the type of protective features which you need in the safe. Once you do that, it will be easier for you to shortlist the right options.
  • Space inside – It can be a document safe, or it can be safe for cash. You have to look at the space inside the safe. Once you look at the area, you would understand whether it is suitable for you or not. In many safes, you can remove the shelves inside to create the space for the contents which you want to store. You have to prefer such a modular safe. You can use the area inside precisely as per your needs.
  • The material of the safe – The material of the safe will decide the durability of the safe. It will also determine the protection which the safe can provide to the contents inside. The material can be steel or any other such variant. The material will decide the kind of protection it offers. It is also important to look at the material which is in contact with the contents on the inner side. Carpeted safe is always a better option. It will help you protect the contents of the safe.
  • Type of controls – The control type of safe should be easy to open for someone who has proper access. You have to look at the fact of whether it will open with the keycode combination or whether it is a biometric safe. You have to decide the type of locking mechanism you prefer. There are many safes that require you to punch in the keycode first and then press your finger against the biometric scanner to unlock it. The more security, the higher will be the cost of the safe. You have to keep this factor in mind, and then you have to take a call.


So, when you’re looking for small safes, instead of looking at just an option out there, it will be wise to choose only between these ten options. When you’re selecting between these ten options, chances are you can easily find the best one. The list above consists of safes that have all the essential features and are highly secure.

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