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Top 10 Best Slicker Brushes for Dogs in 2023 Complete Reviews

Regular brushing will not only help your pet look well but also reduce shedding. To achieve that, you will need to use a slicker brush. This is the kind of brush that removes the unwanted mat, from your pet’s fur. This brings comfort to your pet other than giving it a good look.

Since there are so many slicker brushes available in the market, it might be difficult for one to know what will be ideal for them. It is for this reason that we came up with the reviews below. They comprise the top 10 best slicker brushes. Before getting there, however, here is a brief guide.

List of 10 Best Slicker Brushes in 2023

#10. barkOutfitters Slicker Brush – Self-Cleaning Grooming Comb

barkOutfitters Slicker Brush - Self-Cleaning Grooming Comb

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By: barkOutfitters

Anyone who cares for their pet’s health will want to purchase this brush. It comes in different sizes allowing you to pick the right size. The bristles are very gentle and will, therefore, be safe for your pet regardless of the skin. The bristles will also help in increasing the shine of the coat.

Its ergonomic grip will prevent wrist strain which makes it very effective for most people. To give you the confidence to buy, the manufacturer provides a guarantee of five years. If you are looking to reduce shedding on your pets, this will be the perfect tool to use.

Key Features:
  • The brush will reduce shedding up to 90% compared to average brushes
  • Its bristles will help in increasing the coat shine
  • Soft, un-breakable and ergonomic design allowing you to use it for long
  • The manufacturer has provided a guarantee of five years on the product
  • It comes at a very affordable price to accommodate all budgets
  • Risk-Free purchase with a warranty of 5 years
  • Designed for comfort regardless of the operation time.

#9. Safari Slicker Brush for Pets

Safari Slicker Brush for Pets

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By: Safari Pet Products

The Safari slicker brush for dogs is another essential tool to purchase for your pet. It is an ideal brush for small, medium as well as large dogs. The brush has stainless steel pins that will retract easily for cleanup. Its soft grip, on the other hand, gives you the comfort you need when using it.

You will also appreciate the fact that the brush comes in different sizes. It is, for this reason, you will be able to select the right size for your dog. What’s more, the pricing is pocket-friendly to accommodate all budgets.

Key Features:
  • It will work on every coat type and for all sizes of dogs
  • The stainless steel pins will retract to guarantee an easy cleanup
  • Comes with a soft and ergonomic design to give you the comfort you deserve
  • Offers excellent grooming results with minimal efforts
  • Several sizes available to suit different dog sizes
  • The pins will easily retract to give you an effortless cleaning experience
  • This self-cleaning brush comes at a pocket-friendly price.

#8. RUBOLD Cat & Dog Brush for Removing Mat

RUBOLD Cat & Dog Brush for Removing Mat

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This is a slicker brush that everyone will like to purchase since the brand has a very good reputation. Additionally, it is well made to ensure you remove the nasty mats off the pet hair without hurting it. Best of all, it comes at a very affordable price which perfectly accommodates all budgets.

The all-in-one design for this slicker brush allows you to detangle, de-shed, and also brush your pet. As a result of these activities, you will bring beauty back to your dog. You ought to have maximum confidence to purchase since there is a guaranteed refund of money if anything goes wrong.

Key Features:
  • Precision teeth will provide a gentle cleaning even for the sensitive skins
  • Buy with confidence since it comes with a money-back guarantee
  • A simple 5-minute brushing will remove tons of unnecessary undercoat
  • No scratches and no pain since the bristles are very gentle
  • This is an all-in-one tool
  • The manufacturer has priced it generously
  • There are no risks of harming the pet.

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#7. Scaredy Pet Grooming Kit

Scaredy Pet Grooming Kit

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By: Scaredy Cut

On the second spot according to this review is this pet grooming kit which has amazing features. Most importantly, it comes in different color options from which buyers can choose. The ease of use of this brush is the main reason why it is a hotcake. There are online resources on how to use it so you don’t have to worry.

This slicker brush is also well-constructed to make sure that the safety of your pet will never be compromised. Although the price is relatively high, you will get value for your money. Additionally, there is a money-back guarantee to give you maximum confidence to purchase.

Key Features:
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee
  • Features scissors and attachment combs
  • Comes with seven combs to offer different cutting lengths
  • Available in multiple selection colors
  • Backed with a satisfaction guarantee after 30 days
  • Easily adjusted to match the needs of your pet
  • Well-designed to give you a better grip.

#6. Chris Christensen Slicker Brush, Coral

Chris Christensen Slicker Brush, Coral

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By: Chris Christensen

Finally on these reviews is the Chris Christensen slicker brush which comes at a bit higher price. That does not have to worry you anyway since its performance cannot be compared with its competitors. You should use it largely on the body and medium on the legs. It has gained the confidence of so many buyers as illustrated by its good reviews. You should also be confident to purchase it.

The slicker brush features a well-constructed handle which will make it very comfortable to use. Other than the fact that it works on most breeds, it will only take a short time to do so. These are some of the features which make the slicker brush stand out.

Key Features:
  • Removes the thick and undesirable undercoat on most breeds
  • Ergonomic handle to reduce hand fatigue
  • It has long pins which will penetrate the longer coats
  • Comes with a flexible cushion for a gentle experience
  • Well-designed for comfort
  • It will work on most breeds
  • Does the job in a very short time.

#5. Hertzko Slicker Brush – Self Cleaning

Hertzko Slicker Brush - Self Cleaning

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By: Hertzko

Let us begin with the Hertzko slicker brush which has a self-cleaning feature. It is an ideal slicker brush for removing any type of dirt from the fur of your pet. Most importantly, the price is very friendly and will, therefore, accommodate all budgets.

The quality of the bristles for this slicker brush will make sure that your pet remains unhurt. It is generally made in a comfortable, strong, and durable design. The anti-slip handle will make sure that you are free from wrist fatigue. The ease of cleaning for the slicker brush will be an added advantage.

Key Features:
  • The perfect brush for getting the nasty mats from your pet’s fur
  • Its bristles are fine to avoid harming the pet
  • It is very easy to clean with a click of a button
  • The brush is made in a comfortable, strong, and durable design
  • It will work perfectly on all types of fur and sizes
  • The brush comes with an anti-slip handle for comfort
  • Gets rid of mats without hurting the pet.

#4. HappyDogz Pro Slicker Brush – for Long & Short Haired Pets

HappyDogz Pro Slicker Brush - for Long & Short Haired Pets

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By: HappyDogz

This is among the slicker brushes which you need to have enough confidence when buying. This is because it comes with a lifetime money-back guarantee. In this package also, you will find an eBook on how to use the slicker brush. The size of this slicker brush is ideal for small dogs.

The brand is trusted by most people as evidenced by the positive reviews it has online. If you are therefore looking to get perfect grooming results, you need to have the brush. Given the fact that it makes use of gentle bristles, you never have to worry about your pet’s safety.

Key Features:
  • The manufacturer offers a lifetime 100% money-back guarantee
  • Excellent grooming results for all dog sizes
  • The special bristles are very comfortable for your pet
  • It comes in an ergonomic design to easily remove debris from your pet
  • It will work for all dogs even the ones with a sensitive skin
  • Gentle but firm bristle brushes to easily remove debris from your pet
  • Buy with confidence since this is a risk-free purchase.

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#3. The Pet Portal Quality Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

The Pet Portal Quality Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

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By: The Pet Portal

Here is another slicker brush made in two colors for the buyers to select from. It is ideal for use on all small and medium sizes of pets. Your pets are going to fall in love with the grooming tool since it is made to give you comfort and enjoyment as well.

Its bristle quality s another thing you will like about it. It is for that reason, the pet will never get injuries after use. Additionally, this pet grooming tool is made for those people who have limited budgets. This does not, however, mean that it will not get the job done.

Key Features:
  • There are different sizes available to suit small and medium breeds of pets
  • It’s made to give your pet an enjoyable grooming experience
  • This slicker brush will only take 5 seconds to clean it
  • The manufacturer provides a complete money-back guarantee
  • It comes with a free eBook for grooming your pet
  • With a simple push of the button, the brush will be clean
  • It comes in two different colors that one can pick from.
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#2. Pet Neat Slicker Brush to Reduce Shedding

Pet Neat Slicker Brush to Reduce Shedding

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By: Pet Neat

If you are looking to get the nasty mats off your pet’s fur, this will be the right accessory to use. It is priced in a very generous way to ensure that everyone can afford it. Additionally, it will work on all sizes of fur for your cats and dogs. Its bristles will also be gentle on all skin types.

With only a push of a button, the slicker brush will be clean. This keeps the brush ready for use next time. Apart from that, it is made in a comfortable, strong, and also durable way to make sure that you get value for your money. With this slicker brush, in short, your pet will have the look you have always desired.

Key Features:
  • The perfect brush for removing the nasty mats off your pet’s fur
  • Its bristles are very fine and bent to avoid hurting the pet
  • You simply click the button to clean the slicker brush
  • Comes with an anti-slip handle which makes it very comfortable to use
  • It is priced very fairly
  • The slicker brush will not scratch the pet’s skin
  • Comfortable, strong, and durable design.

#1. Chris Christensen Slicker, Black

Chris Christensen Slicker, Black

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By: Chris Christensen

This is among the most reputable brands in the market. It is known for making quality products that are related to pets. This slicker brush features well-spaced bristles that will penetrate deep into the coat. As a result, your pet will remain well-groomed and also comfortable.

The good thing about this brush is that it is made to be used on all types of pets. Even if your pet has sensitive skin, you can always rely on the gentleness of this brush. It comes at a higher price compared to others. This should however never intimidate you not to purchase since it always delivers.

Key Features:
  • It has long pins allowing you to the job fast
  • The slicker brush penetrates deeply without hurting the pet
  • Extra-long and ergonomic design to reduce hand fatigue
  • Extremely curved back to give you more control
  • Flexible cushioning which is very forgiving
  • It will do the job at half time
  • Ergonomic design to reduce arm fatigue.

Factors to Consider when Buying the Best Slicker Brushes:

  • Pins – The style of the pin will be determined by the size of the fur for your pet. You also need to select the right ones to make sure that the safety of your pet is guaranteed. All the same, you should apply very gentle pressure whenever you are brushing your pet.
  • Design – You will realize that it will take a considerable amount of time to brush your pet especially when the hair is long. You, therefore, need to select those brushes which are ergonomically designed for comfort purposes. The handle should also be anti-slip to make sure that you remain comfortable.
  • General performance – you should keep in mind the overall performance of your slicker brush. It should penetrate deep into the coat. This will ensure that all the unnecessary items on the fur will be removed. It should, however, do that without hurting the pet.


Before you can settle for any slicker brush, you need to make sure that you know whether it will work for your dog’s breed. There are those brushes that will not work for your dog as they might cause skin irritation. However, with the above slicker brushes, you can expect the best performance. The only thing you will be required to do is go through the reviews to understand which one works for your pet. The buying guide section will also be helpful to you if you are shopping for the first time.

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