Top 10 Best Bike Helmets for Adults in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Bike helmet

Every individual owes a duty of care or safety to himself or herself. We live in a world of daily hazards, it could be domestic or in whatever form of hazard you can think of. It will interest you to know that just out there taking a ride on a bike for fun, relaxation, or whatever form you can call it, there may be hazards lying on the way. To this end, you must be prepared to forestall any of the hazards. It is in the light of this, that this review will take a cursory look at the Best Bike Helmets in 2020 you can find on Amazon.

It is also equally important that a brief history of bike helmet be told so that you will have the full insight of the reason why it is important to have one bought if you are a lover of cycling and wear it while on your choice bike!

The first generation of bike helmets was manufactured far back in the 1880s as the popularity of cycling clubs grew and injuries sustained by riders became prevalent. Then in 1970 at the boom of a cycling club, Shell Memorial Foundation instituted one of the first bicycle riding helmet standards.

List of Top 10 Best Bike Helmets in 2020

#10. Bern Morrison

Bern Morrison

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This is a wonderfully crafted or beautifully designed helmet if you want to conclude in your own opinion. This brand of the helmet is a low profile design, having in mind the low cadre of the society who may not be able to afford a top-class one. Yet the provision for safety is not compromised for price. You will love its fitted quick adjustment feature, which makes it firm on your head. Now let us look at some of the features:

Key Features:
  • Size: Small and Medium
  • Color: Matte Black
  • Zip Mold liquid foam technology
  • Detachable sun and brush visors
  • The crank Fit dial at the back of the helmet
  • Safety certification ASTM F2040, CPSC, and EN 1078. Get the full view of this helmet here

#9. Traverse Vigilis

Traverse Vigilis

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This is yet another great one from the stable of I can tell you as a matter of fact that this helmet is beautiful to behold, attractive and built with the mindset of possible riding on a ski slope and bike trails. Should you have a slip and peradventure you fall, there is a guarantee that you will get up without any injury to you. Great one it is and I love it for this feature. Another reason, I am in love with it is the ventilation enabled by the mesh material right inside of it.

Key Features:
  • Convertible Ski & Snowboard/Bike & Skate Helmet, with mini visor
  • Color Matte Ash
  • 14 vents for temperature regulation
  • ABS shell exterior and firm
  • Shock-absorbent EPS interior
  • Adjustable dial to customize the fit
  • Removable plush earmuff for warmth protection
  • Replaceable foam pieces to transform into a bike helmet
  • ErgoKnob Adjustable Dial

#8. Lixada Cycling Mountain

Lixada Cycling Mountain

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If names do describe or give an inkling of what an object, a thing, or an individual will be, then the name of this helmet foretells its function and importance. Are you planning to go on mountain bike riding? Then this helmet is the best buy you can think of. It is built with an internal net with a view of repelling bugs, so when you are in the wilderness riding, there is no fear of any bug flying around you, thus making you enjoy your ride. It is very good and its price is affordable.

Key Features:
  • Color: Blue
  • Strap adjustment for easy operation
  • 25 vents with inner air with a view to attracting cool air and flush warm air out.
  • Soft removable, washable, antibacterial pads which are aimed at ensuring comfort.
  • A quick-release buckle that is simple to wear and remove.
  • The rotary internal regulator at the back

#7. Bern Allston

Bern Allston

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If you are a cyclist that is in love with a lighter helmet and does not like a heavy one, this is the helmet that is most suitable for you to buy. It is built with zip mold liquid foam technology as against the traditional EPS. The ventilation holes that are in this helmet make it lighter and give you the needed comfort you need when you are wearing it. I tell you, I admire this feature. It will be a good buy indeed. Bern Allston has the following features.

Key Features:
  • Color: Matte Sand
  • Size is 7” High, 10” Wide, Head size: 54 – 57 CM
  • It is built with liquid injected with Zipmold Foam
  • Built to conformity with the safety standard of CPSC, ASTM, F 2040, and EN 1078.
  • It has 16 vents for maximum airflow
  • Adjustable BOA dial that gives you maximum fit
  • See this link and view for your appreciation

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#6. Bell Hub Bike

Bell Hub Bike


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This helmet has an amazing aggressive look and you have it in colors gunmetal and matte platinum. Do you know that it is also built with provision for ventilation? Yeah, the reason is for you who may love to ride on hot or sunning days to have an inflow of airs into your head while you are riding. Take a great look, and I can assure you, you will love it. It is very affordable and you do not need to break the bank before you can buy it.

Key Features:
  • Color: Black/Retina Star
  • Float fit
  • Fitted with Fusion In-Mould Polycarbonate Shell
  • Lightweight Straps
  • Overbrow Ventilation
  • It has perforated padding

#5. Schwinn Thrasher SW124

Schwinn Thrasher SW124

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If comfortability is all you want all days of your riding, I can assure you the best buy you get for your money’s worth is this brand of helmet. It has inserted in it 21 integrated flow vents, accompanied with moisture-wicking pads which are to keep you dry all day while enjoying your ride. I really love this helmet, yet very affordable. Now take a look at its distinguishing features.

Key Features:
  • Color: Carbon
  • Adult Bike Helmet fitted with dually adjustable design
  • There are 21 integrated flow vents to keep the rider cool
  • Moisture-wicking pad to keep rider’s head dry
  • Built-In Visor to provide shade while riding
  • Built with Dial fit adjustable system to enhance ease

#4. Giro Sutton

Giro Sutton

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For those of you that are very concerned the way they look while wearing a helmet, maybe to look dorky is of great importance to you, then this is the best choice of bike helmet you can make. You will love the beauty and design. It is very elegant. When you wear this helmet, you will look like an X-Game athlete, who is on his final lap of the competition. It provides protection in conformity with its standard EPS impact foam feature.

Key Features:
  • Color: Highlight Yellow, Unisex helmet
  • It has Full-Wrap In-Mold Polycarbonate Shell with EPS Liner
  • It is Reflective
  • Heathered Webbing
  • Ultrasuede Padding

#3. Nutcase Solid

Nutcase Solid

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Great brand, great choices to make in terms of availability of diverse colors! This bike helmet came with 9 beautifully styled colors! It will amaze you that all of the colors are built with matte
finishing, and also wear subtle looks all through. Do you know that it can fit into anybody’s head? It is easy to open and wear on your head when you are having your hand gloves on! That is the uniqueness of this bike helmet.

Key Features:
  • Color: Bay Blue Matte
  • Fitted with protective foam with a design to dispense energy on impact.
  • It has a dial fit system that you can adjust and or remove as the need arise.
  • Built with Fidlock magnetic closure. This makes it easy to open and close.
  • Covered with soft padding to enhance comfort on your chin.
  • Lightweight, In-Mold Shell
  • It has 11 vents and internal channeling for maximum airflow

#2. Bell Draft

Bell Draft

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Enjoy the beauty of technology, get amazed at innovations, and enjoy your money invested in buying this bike helmet. The Bell Draft is built with a multi-directional impact protection system. The design of this special feature is to ensure that, in the course of your cycling expedition, the helmet will rotate in whatever direction an impact may come from, while your head remains unaffected!
I can tell you, a matter of fact, that this is an advancement in technology. It is good for those that have little size head. Now let look at the brief feature as following:

Key Features:
  • Color: Gloss Hibiscus/Black
  • It has Ergo Fit
  • Extended Fusion In-Mold Microshell
  • It is equipped with MIPS

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#1. Giro Savant Mips

Giro Savant Mips

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If your sweat pod is such that you most often are soaked from this kind of activity, then you are the person that should have this brand of bike helmet purchased. In other words, if you are living in the hot regions, this bike helmet is built for you! Its internal channeling will direct airflow over your head aided by 25 impressive vent holes that are built into it. You can’t afford to bypass this brand if really you want to overcome that excess sweat. Do you yet know that it also takes care of your cranium beautifully for a secured fit? Sure! It does and that is why I am in love with it.

Key Features:
  • Roc Loc 5 and it offers a comfortable fit that cradles your cranium.
  • The In-Mold Construction combines a polycarbonate outer shell with an impact-absorbing foam liner.
  • It is compact in style and shape.
  • It is built with 25 vents with internal channeling to keep your head cool and nice.


You can see that the cycling world in the year 2018 has been graciously secured. If you belong to any cycling club, there is no fear of head injury anymore, enjoy your cycling fun to the fullest while you are wearing any of the above helmets.

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