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Top 10 Best Hot Towel Warmers in 2023 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Well! Who doesn’t love to use a warm spa feeling after shaving, bathing, or even after a simple towel rub? Also though these are things found in spa hotels, luxurious stay hotels, or high-end beauty salons, innovation is changing that. Today, you can get yourself a well-designed hot towel warmer and gift your body with a lovely spa feeling in the comfort of your home. And if you run a barber, salon, or spa, you can get one to keep your clients in a joyous mood with a relaxing warm touch of a warmed towel.

Even though the benefits of using the best hot towel warmer sounds sweet, getting one that’s ideal for your needs is a bit tricky. The market is overflowing with these machines. For that, we’ve decided to offer some help. This article is here to give you the top 10 best hot towel warmers you can buy today and a guide to help you find the right model for your needs. Let’s jump right in!

List of Top 10 Best Hot Towel Warmers in 2023

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#10. Spa Luxe Hot Towel Cabinet

Spa Luxe Hot Towel Cabinet

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The spa luxe hot towel cabinet, as the name suggests, is a must-have for any busy salon or spa. This warmer is spaciously designed to hold up to 24 regular facial towels or manicure size towels. It is also characterized by two metallic towel racks. The interior is specially made of silver to ensure it won’t rust.

The warmer’s door is mainly fitted with a silicon seal preserving warmth inside. The racks are equipped with rubber glides to avoid any damages whenever they’re slid in and out. A temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit is maintained while the warmer is on. To ensure clients’ safety and health, this warmer comes with a built-in UV light that works to prevent mold and achieve excellent sanitation.

Key Features:
  • Neutral lovely clean look
  • Under-mount drip tray
  • Dual storage shelves
  • Bright UV lamp.
Reasons to Buy:
  • Warms and steam the towels
  • Keeps towels sanitized.

#9. Amba RWH-CB Hardwired Curved Towel Warmer

Amba RWH-CB Hardwired Curved Towel Warmer

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The Amba RWH-CB Radiant Towel Warmer is a modern-day innovation designed to cater to a range of needs. It is characteristically made of 10 crossbars that serve the purpose of optimal drying. The racks perform a dual function; they can be used both to warm and dry towels. The heated towel rack can also serve to offer an alternative heat source in the bathroom and help in the prevention of mold. Having this unit not only keeps your towels warm and dry but also reduces laundry loads, thus saving electricity in the long run. This product is well suited for mudrooms.

They not only provide warm hospitality for the towels but are also an ideal drying place for damp clothes. Spa and pool owners can be significant beneficiaries of this heated towel rack as they keep both bathing suits and towels dry. They also work to alleviate the humidity that may be present in an enclosed pool area. For best results, the sheets should be folded in a way to maximize the surface area that will be in contact with the bars. The racks are made of high-quality stainless steel that is resistant to corrosion, making it ideal for a moisture-filled environment.

Key Features:
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Modern-day innovation
  • Built-in on/off switch
  • Ten crossbars.
Reasons to Buy:
  • Dual-function racks
  • Quick heating.

#8. Elite Mini Hot Towel Cabinet

Elite Mini Hot Towel Cabinet

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This mini single hot towel cabinet can comfortably accommodate a dozen small, facial-sized towels. With internal temperature control, the warmer consistently maintains a temperature of 150-160 degrees. It is equipped with an interior towel rack and a water drip pan. And to achieve the best results, it is advisable to use this warmer with only small, facial-sized towels.

Instructions for use are simple and straightforward; the towels are pre-soaked, wrung, then rolled up, and placed on the wire racks inside the unit. The cabinet is insulated, and surrounding all internal walls is a padded heating element that works together for achieving consistent heating. It is very reliable with excellent quality and is reasonably priced.

Key Features:
  • Internal temperature control
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Interior towel rack
  • Water drip pan.
Reasons to Buy:
  • An insulated cabinet preserving heat
  • Large towel capacity.
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#7. Fantasea FSC-87 Portable Towel Steamer

Fantasea FSC-87 Portable Towel Steamer

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Fantasea Towel Steamer is another high-quality hot towel warmer ideal for barbers, spas, and salons. It’s a uniquely designed machine that will make sure you keep your business running and your clients happy. It is a go-for unit suitable for pedicures, manicures, facials, massages ad hot shaves.

What’s more, the unit comes with a 60-minute timer allowing it to heat up within 15 minutes. The timing is quite convenient for a busy salon or beauty shop. Its lightweight characteristic enables you to take it wherever you so desire to accomplish your needs. It comes inclusive of six terry cloth towels.

Key Features:
  • Convenient 60-minute timer
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Compact design.
Reasons to Buy:
  • Comes with six terry cloth towels
  • Works perfectly as a beauty salon towel warmer.

#6. Brookstone towel warmer

Brookstone towel warmer

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As a Made-in-USA product, the Brookstone towel warmer is built to serve for a long time and last a lifetime. It’s perfectly designed to give you a little extravagance while you warm your towel and garments daily. With its extra-large design, it is spacious enough to hold even the oversized towels with ease.

Its quick heating performance allows it to fast-warm your towels in less than 10 minutes and keeps them at up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s a perfect towel warmer for robes and blankets. Its design is inclusive of an auto shut-off feature to keep your safety first and a transparent lid that allows you to see inside.

Key Features:
  • Auto shut-off safety feature
  • Super quick to heat
  • Extra-large design
  • Made in the USA
  • Transparent lid.
Reasons to Buy:
  • Very easy to operate
  • Accommodates even the oversized towels.

#5. Joy Spa Towel and Blanket Warmer

Joy Spa Towel and Blanket Warmer

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Joy luxury spa towels and blanket warmer are revolutionary. Inclusive of a Forever Fragrant disc, the warmer is sure to leave your fabrics with a beautiful fresh scent. You can trust the warmer to give you the feel of a spa with its impressive performance. For effective heating, one towel should be lightly piled into the warmer.

And to achieve the best results, the lid closes smoothly for the towel heating to commence. That is necessary as it’s essential to prevent the escape of heat, which may affect the heating times. The downside is, the machine requires dry fabrics only. You also need to be keen to note delicate materials that cannot withstand high heat as it’s quite easy to damage the warmer and fabric.

Key Features:
  • Simple one-touch operation
  • Convenient and versatile
  • Durable, compact design
  • Forever Fragrant Feel
  • Sleek and colorful.
Reasons to Buy:
  • Essential one-touch warmer
  • Forever Fragrant for fresh scented fabrics.

#4. ForPro Premium Hot Towel Warmer

ForPro Premium Hot Towel Warmer

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ForPro Premium towel warmer is precisely what you need in your home to turn around your bathroom experience. Equipped with a UV sterilizer, you need not worry about bacteria and germs in your fabrics. The warmer is spacious enough to accommodate up to 24 small, facial-sized towels.

Moreover, with a built-in bimetallic strip thermostat, the warmer sustains a steady temperature of 158-175 degrees. The best part is this warmer comes furnished with an interior towel rack and a water-drip pan. The instructions for use are simple and straightforward. It is most suited for small, facial-sized towels. Pursonic deluxe towel warmer complies fully with the international safety standards.

Key Features:
  • Temperature regulating mechanism
  • Bimetallic strip thermostat
  • Well-design towel rack
  • Water drip pan
  • UV Sterilizer.
Reasons to Buy:
  • Sterilizer that kills germs
  • Large towel capacity.
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#3. LiveFine Towel Warmer

LiveFine Towel Warmer

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The LiveFine towel warmer is comprehensively furnished to suit your every towel warming need. Designed luxuriously in a large bucket style, it has a spacious interior that accommodates two towels simultaneously as well as other fabric basics, including neck towels, hand and face towels, hair wraps, small robes, and more. Its smooth and polished LCD display features useful indicator lights with a simple touch-button operation.

Another thing, the warmer comes with an ideal adjustable timer; you need not worry about the amount of time you spend in the shower because as soon as the towel attains optimal temperature, it remains warm until the expiry of the set time. There is a timer set in 15-minute intervals, making the usage of this machine more convenient to the user. With a slim, streamlined construction, the warmer exudes luxury and elegance at its prime fit for any style or size bathroom.

Key Features:
  • Touch-button operation
  • Safety indicator lights
  • LCD display features
  • Adjustable timer.
Reasons to Buy:
  • Large towel capacity
  • Equipped with an easy-to-set adjustable timer.

#2. Elite Hot Towel CABI-Warmer(HC-X)

Elite Hot

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Elite Hot towel warmer is an idyllic 5L capacity towel warmer. It can comfortably hold 10-15 pcs towels. Furthermore, the warmer comes fitted with a built-in UV sterilizer; the warmer assures germ-free sterile towels. Installed inside the warmer is a microcomputer that regulates temperature. Its one-shelf design allows for the convenient and orderly storage of sheets.

Additionally, this warmer works superbly on both disposable and traditional towels. The aluminum inner chamber feature comes in handy for better conduction of heat, improving its performance. It is designed conveniently with a pull-down door. And you know what, the warmer comes complete with a user manual.

Key Features:
  • Convenient pull-down door
  • Aluminum inner chamber
  • Built-in UV sterilizer
  • Microcomputer
  • Removable tray.
Reasons to Buy:
  • Built-in UV towel sterilization
  • Removable tray for easy organization.

#1. AW Towel Warmer Hot Cabinet

AW Towel Warmer Hot Cabinet

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The AW 5L Towel Warmer Hot Cabinet is one unit to have in your possession. This warmer is convenient to meticulously and uniformly warm both disposable and traditional towels. It is a comprehensive home health care product incorporated with a UV sterilizer that eliminates 99.9 percent of bacteria. With its large capacity, it can accommodate 10-15 pcs towels.

To add to its superb features, this warmer has an inbuilt microcomputer that regulates temperature. And not to forget, its chambers are made of stainless steel for better conduction of heat. The downside is, this AW towel warmer should require damp towels only. It also has some maintenance routine: you have to remove water on the drip tray and cabinet interior bottom from time to time.

Key Features:
  • Microcomputer control temperature
  • Stainless steel inner chamber
  • Built-in UV sterilizer
  • Removable tray.
Reasons to Buy:
  • Reliable temperature regulation mechanism
  • UV Sterilizer is great for killing bacteria.
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Factors to consider when purchasing the Best Hot Towel Warmers:

Once you have gone through the hot towel warmers review, you may be lost for choice. They are all appealing and worth your money. But not everyone can suit your needs as you want it to. And for that, here is a buying guide with factors you may need to consider to make the best choice.

  • Towel capacity – The warmers are suited for both home and commercial use. If you are running a spa, barber, or salon, you may require one that warms more towels, and if it is meant for family use, that may not be so. The variety of models comes in a wide range of sizes and towel capacities to choose from. With the differently sized heating compartments, choose one that perfectly suits your needs.
  • Capacity – Some warmers come with towel size specifications. For instance, some work perfectly well for small-sized towels, whereas others are great at oversized heating towels. Some warmers can as well suit other fabric essentials such as neck towels, hand and face towels, hair wraps, small robes, and, many more while others may not be well suited for the purpose. With this in mind, it will be easy for you to narrow down to one that will be ideal for you.
  • Décor – Are you worried about which warmer will perfectly blend in your bathroom décor?  Warmers come in different designs and models with neutral colors, making giving you the option to choose an ideal accent for any style. You need not worry anymore!
  • Extras – Some warmers may feature distinctive characteristics that may differ from the others to raise their functionality a notch higher. Features such as removable trays, UV sterilizers, temperature-regulating mechanism, timers, water drip pan, and interior towel rack stand them in good favor. It is therefore advised to choose one that has all the characteristics you desire in a warmer.


Step into complete comfort from your shower and experience a post-bath bliss that will blow your mind. Choose from our standard hot towel cabinets and discover the luxury and comfort of a warm towel, enjoying a little extravagance daily. You are assured of excellent quality products that give an exemplary performance to your heart’s content.

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