Top 10 Best Yoga Ball Chairs in 2023 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Most of our daily activities involve sitting down behind a desk. whether we are in the office, school, watching TV, or surfing the Web, involves sitting on a chair most times. We use conventional chairs for our sitting positions and over time, it has been observed that there are lots of problems associated with your ordinary chair. The poor posture it generates along with other side effects it generates can be very detrimental to us both in the long-run and short-term basis.

It is because of these problems that arise from the prolonged use of conventional chairs that the need for a healthier option has come up. With that in mind, the Yoga ball chairs are making waves in bridging the gap between health and sitting. Yoga ball chairs are not just like ordinary sitting chairs. They are far from that as they offer a series of benefits that you will not get from your ordinary chairs.

List of Top 10 Best Yoga Ball Chairs in 2023

An exercise ball chair or a yoga ball chair as some persons would call is a chair made out of the combination of a yoga ball and a frame. In other words, the rubber ball is secured in a stand to create the yoga ball chair. The chairs come in different colors and sizes. For design purposes, some chairs come with wheels for easy movement while some also come with back frames to give you a more comfortable sitting option.

#10. Gaiam Kids Balance Ball Chair

Gaiam Kids Balance Ball Chair

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Kids are not left out in the race of achieving balance in their postures. The Gaiam balance ball chair for kids is designed with the single intent to give kids a healthier posture whilst they sit. Some of the features that catch the eye include solid back support which is made entirely out of PVC. This back support gives maximum support to the lumbar spine as the child is in a seated position.

In addition to that, the sturdy balance ball measuring up to 35cm is perfectly ideal for kids between the ages of 5 of 7 years. It should be noted that although the Gaiam balance ball chair for kids is one of the best yoga ball chairs out there, a little issue that has been noticed with the ball is that it drags on the ground when used. Apart from that, the chair is worth it.

#9. Trideer yoga ball chair 

Trideer yoga ball chair 

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Different from your conventional office ball chair, the Trideer ball chair is unique in its own very way. The unique look of the trideer chair is its own blessing and curse. The chair is simply spandex over a balance ball upon the top of black iron legs to act as support. The chair as a unit is very easy to put together and there are even a key tool and a wrench that comes with it.

When on the chair, the spandex gives you a stretchy feel and a perfect fitting. As mentioned earlier, the unique design of the Trideer ball has its own limitations. The chair doesn’t have an armrest or a backrest, making sitting a little bit difficult sometimes when you want to rest your arm or back.

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#8. Sivan office chair 

Sivan office chair 

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As a yoga ball chair, the Sivan Office chair is a great office chair that allows you to sit comfortably and at the same time offers you the opportunity to get the right posture and still lock in some amount of exercise. A good selling point of the chair that we noticed is the fact that the chair comes with an adjustable backrest which gives you the option to change your sitting position.

Also, the 5 wheels (of which 2 can be locked to a particular position) at the bottom make it easy to move around. One negative aspect of the Sivan office chair is the fact that there are no armrests

#7. Trideer Ball Chair Yoga Ball Chair

Trideer Ball Chair Yoga Ball Chair

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In terms of overall build and reinforcement, the Isokinetic chair is one remarkable yoga ball chair. One remarkable feat in its design is that the chair comes with a High back made out of PVC which provides lots of support for the spinal region and back. Secondly, the chair is made up of a durable ball that is equipped with an anti-burst function as well as it is completely latex-free. The design of the ball is a plus in itself self but it has a shortcoming. When used for a long time, the ball can become very comfortable and painful to the butt.

#6. Sierra comfort yoga chair 

Sierra comfort yoga chair 

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Using the Sierra chair, the first thing you notice is how free and lightweight it is. The lightweight adds another dimension of comfort when you use the chair. Don’t let that fool you, the chair is remarkably durable and tough. The high PVC and the big size wheels are also some of the eye-catching features the Sierra comfort yoga chair provides. The balance ball that comes with the chair measures up to 17 inches and it offers a burst-resistant as well as it is completely latex. The none inclusion of an instructional manual is the job flaw noticed in this product.

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#5. Gaiam Backless Yoga Ball chair

Gaiam Backless Yoga Ball chair

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This Gaiam product is a trusted chair like every other Giam product you will see in this review. It is very has everything you will need in a yoga Office chair. It comes with unique stability that allows you to sit comfortably and at the same time carry out your exercises. The exercise guide and very good exercise pump make the Gaiam backless yoga chair a good opinion to purchase.

The ball of the chair also has the common features you will want in a yoga ball as it is resistant to bursting and it is completely free from latex. Putting the chair together proved to be difficult as the instructions were not very clear and also, the absence of a backrest made it difficult to sit on the chair for a considerable length of time.

#4. Fitspirit yoga ball chair 

Fitspirit yoga ball chair

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With a back measuring up to 31 inches in height, the fitspirit yoga ball is made to provide ultimate comfort and a great level of support for your back region. The chair is easy to assemble and the ball can easily be detached from the chair unit and can be used for various other purposes. The chair also comes with its own pump.

The fitspirit ball is a great ball to use in the office as well as for other purposes. We observed that there was a bad smell coming out from the ball when we used the pump. (this was the only negative aspect of the ball). Other than that, the fitspirit ball is a quality yoga ball chair.

#3. Isokinetics adjustable ball chair 

Isokinetics adjustable ball chair

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Yet another Isokinetic ball on our review. Let’s lay it on a plate for you, what is very likable about this Isokinetic chair is the unique adjustability feature. The chair can be adjusted to fit various leg lengths as well as back positions. Not just that, the inflation levels of the ball can also be adjusted to fit different sitting heights.

The wheels of the chair are quite large and as such, they allow for easy movement around the office. Mind you, these wheels cannot be locked and they make it difficult to sit in a particular position for a long time (this is a major area that didn’t go down too well with us). If you don’t mind the unlocking wheels, the Isokinetic adjustable chair is a top yoga ball chair.

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#2. LuxFit yoga ball chair

LuxFit yoga ball chair

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With an impressive 3-year warranty, the LuxFit yoga ball chair is well designed to give a proper back alignment whilst sitting down. The ball can be easily put together and it comes with 4 large wheels that aid easy movement. Of these 4 wheels, 2 of them can be locked to give you a fixed sitting position.

All components and parts of this yoga ball chair are premium grades and guaranteed to give you long-lasting comfort and plenty of exercise options. This magnificent product has lots of positives on its side, the only negative on its part is that the ball easily deflates after continuous use.

#1. Gaiam balance yoga ball chair

Gaiam balance yoga ball chair

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Coming up in first place is the Gaiam balance chair. The unique features of the chair make it a must-buy for everyone who wants improved core functionality and generate fantastic spinal support. The ball measures up to 52cm, has a maximum user weight of 300 lbs, and has wheels for easy movement. A pump is also available to help inflate the ball (the pump was observed not to work effectively well when used). The chair offers a great stable base and it is also very easy to assemble.

How to Choose the Best Yoga Ball Chairs – Buying Guide

  • Comfort is ensured – Sitting on your normal office chair can be very uncomfortable for your back region. The yoga ball chair is different in this regard as it is designed to guarantee your comfort. Apart from that, it gives you support for your spine and back. The materials are very comfortable and even If you sit on the ball for hours, you won’t even feel it.
  • Exercise – The ball is very versatile as it can be used for various exercise options. You can work on various parts of your body hence why the ball is unique and versatile. Some of the exercise you can carry out help you improve your core function and also keeps you in shape
  • Body engagement – Sitting on the yoga ball chair engages the whole body. It allows you to sit in a more upright position which generates a better posture and improved core muscles. Apart from that, the chair prevents pain, discomfort, and muscle injuries.
  • Improved performance – Using the yoga ball brings a different style to sitting in the office and this can help improve office performance. The chair is known to stimulate creativity and also allows free movement for you in and around the office.
  • The fun way to work – Sitting on the conventional chair can be a boring option. With the bouncing yoga ball chairs, you have a more fun option to sit and this can only make you achieve more in the office and remove boredom.


The opportunity to sit comfortably while clocking in a good amount of exercise time and as such improve on your core functions and posture is one that should be grabbed with both hands and that’s what the yoga ball chair offers you. In getting the top yoga ball chair for you, there are various models in the market that offer high comfort and at the same time give you the opportunity to exercise.

These yoga chairs reviewed by us all have efficient features that will ensure you derive maximum performance and comfort. This list helps you avoid the confusion that comes with trying to find the perfect yoga chair from the vast selections that are prevalent in the market. Buy any of these top yoga chairs from our review and product guide and you can rest assured you will be comfortable as well as have a great posture.

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