Best Window Air Conditioners in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

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With the demand for window air conditioners rising, we always review the best that the market is offering. This comes in a period where consumers are more informed and demand the very best. Unfortunately, many don’t have the time, patience, and knowledge to compare the many products readily available.

We spent many hours researching many products and finally were able to pick out the top 10 best window air conditioners in 2020.

List of Top 10 Best Window Air Conditioners in 2020

We spent time researching many of the following products and finally were able to pick out the top ten best window air conditioners in 2020.

#10. Frigidaire FFRA1011R1

Frigidaire FFRA1011R1

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The first item that caught our eyes was this window-mounted air conditioner from  Frigidaire. We like the small and compact design, which makes it a perfect fit for most standard windows. We agree with many other consumers that it mounts easily even if done by an inexperienced person. This is courtesy of the simple design and user-friendly instructions. With 10,000 BTU, the unit delivers good cooling to small and medium-sized rooms and runs via 115 volt AC.

  • It’s very easy to mount
  • Works great and quietly
  • Suitable for most windows
  • It’s not designed for 220-240V AC

#9. Emerson Quiet Kool EARC12RE1

Emerson Quiet Kool EARC12RE1

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In comparison to the other items that make up this list, the Emerson Quiet Kool EARC12RE1 is one of the smallest and lightest pieces. However, it delivers good cooling to cater for rooms up to 450-550 square feet. It has a 12,000 Btu rating and easily mounts on normal windows. For easy application, it features a large digital display and has 3 fan speed choices.

  • Clear easy-to-read LED dials
  • Cools the room relatively fast
  • Easy to operate and runs smoothly
  • It is not designed for 240V AC power

#8. Haier HWE12XCR High-Efficiency

Haier HWE12XCR High-Efficiency

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The Haier brand has many window-mounted air conditioners under its sleeve. This one, in particular, is among the top of the company and in the market too. The HWE12XCR has a BTU rating of 12000 and is fit for rooms as large as 550 square feet. It consists of 4 functions (cool, fan, energy saver, and dehumidify) and can easily be controlled via the included remote. And to suit the visually impaired people, the unit has Braille.

  • Has good coverage
  • Works seamlessly and silently
  • Energy efficient and great cooling
  • Maybe little small for mounting on very large windows

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#7. Frigidaire 10,000 Btu Window-Mounted Compact

Frigidaire 10,000 Btu Window-Mounted Compact

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Besides keeping the room cool and more conducive especially in the hot weather, this window-mounted air conditioner from Frigidaire will keep the power bills low. It is fit for many windows and does not need drilling too many holes or modifying the structure. The 12000 BTU unit runs via 115volts and distributes the cool air as far as 450sq.ft. With a 12.0 energy efficiency ratio (EER), this energy-star rated unit very efficient.

  • Small and compact
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Super efficient and fast cooling
  • The packaging isn’t the best

#6. SPT WA-1222S Energy Star, 12,000BTU

SPT WA-1222S Energy Star, 12,000BTU

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The SPT WA-1222S Air Conditioner is praised for its energy efficiency and reliability. We also confirm that is discharges cool/cold air fast and will have the room cool within a short time. We give credit to the superior technology and design that makes this possible. It has a 12,000 BTU rating and features 3 fan speeds for versatility. The digital display boosts operation whereas the odor removal function keeps the surrounding conducive.

  • Distributes the cool air rapidly
  • User-friendly interface and controls
  • Has good coverage
  • The mounting hardware isn’t heavy duty

#5. GE AHM08LW Energy Star, 8,000 BTU, White

GE AHM08LW Energy Star, 8,000 BTU, White

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The GE AHM08LW air conditioner comes in a basic design for easy and quick installation. It works great with most window types and is among the simplest to operate. The 8,000 BTU rated unit works fast to ensure the room is cooled within a short time. And considering it is Energy Star Certified, you will not have to dig deeper into your pocket because of increased power bills. The white color suits it’s for most decors.

  • Simple design and easy to operate
  • smooth and quiet operation
  • Energy efficient and reliable
  • Not very effective for very large rooms

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#4. Frigidaire FFRA1022R1, 10000 BTU 115 Volts

Frigidaire FFRA1022R1, 10000 BTU 115 Volts

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The Keystone KSTAW05B is a high quality and affordable window air conditioner. The unit comes in a nice package for improving protection, especially during transportation and storage. It’s appropriate for homes, offices, hotels, restaurant and other places. The 10,000 BTU rated unit runs via 115 Volt Ac and is effective for rooms as up top 450 square feet. With a 10.9 energy efficiency ratio, it keeps power consumption low while maximizing efficiency.

  • Nice and modern design
  • Works great and silently
  • Energy efficient
  • Can easily get dents if handled roughly

#3. Koldfront WAC12001W 208/230V

Koldfront WAC12001W 208:230V

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In our honest opinion, this is one of the most functional and versatile air conditioners on the market. The Koldfront WAC12001W will keep the room either cool or hot depending on your preferences. The 12,000 BTU rated unit has a large coverage and blows the air fast for maximum effectiveness. It will handle spaces up to 550 cu.ft and has 4-way louvers for directing the air in different directions. Selecting the preferred mode is easy thanks to the simple user-friendly interface.

  • Good air distribution
  • Responsive handy remote control
  • Space efficient and reliable
  • It’s fairly heavier compared to some of its rivals

#2. HOmeLabs 5000 BTU, 7 Speed Fan

HOmeLabs 5000 BTU, 7 Speed Fan

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If it would support 240V AC power and the brackets for the accordion flaps worked well with very narrow windows, this air conditioner would probably top our review. Nevertheless, it’s still one of the best on the market. We love its simplicity and versatility, which makes it very reliable and effective. It has a BTU rating of 5,000 and 7-speed fans for better performance. The heavy-duty piece has coverage up to 150 cu.ft and can cool or even increase the room temperature.

  • Small and compact
  • Quiet and efficient
  • Easy mountain and operation
  • The accordion flaps brackets ideal for narrow windows

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#1. Koldfront WAC10002WCO, 10,000 BTU 115V

Koldfront WAC10002WCO, 10,000 BTU 115V

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Measuring 14.6 high, inches 19 inches wide, and 21.5 inches deep, this air conditioner will fit okay in many windows. The Koldfront WAC10002WCO comes in a space-efficient design to suit even the narrow and small windows. The easy installation together with clear instructions improves the mounting while the white color complements the surrounding. The 10,000BTU piece can deliver cool air as far as 550 cu.ft and has an operating temperature range of 62 – 86F. The 3 variable fan speeds together with the remote control improve functionality.

  • Clear simple instruction
  • Good solid [performance
  • Suitable for many situations
  • It is not the most silent


We admit that it was much harder to identify the best of the best window air conditioners. First, technology has greatly improved and the units have become smaller but more reliable. Second, they share many similarities, which meant that what separates two units was something as little as being slightly noisy or a tad bit heavy.

Third, there are many air conditioners on the market. Fourth, the consumer’s preferences are not only diverse but also peculiar. What may be good in our eyes may not be well appreciated by some consumers. All-in-all, you should find a good piece of the above products.

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