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Top 10 Best Whole House Fans in 2023 Reviews | Quiet Whole House Fans

A whole-house cooling fan plays an important role in the house by conditioning the air and keeping it free from allergens. It cools the unbearable temperatures during the summer seasons. To make your house comfortable, it is crucial to consider purchasing a whole-house fan as it reduces the air conditioning cost compared to other means.

The market offers a lot of different types of whole-house fans which might be confusing to choose. There are counterfeits as well to confuse the less informed. To help you purchase the quality and the best whole house fan, we have the top ten best where you choose the best that suits your needs.

List of Top 10 Best Whole House Fans in 2023

#10. QA-3300(R2) Whole House Fan

QA-3300(R2) Whole House Fan

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The QA-3300(R2) Whole House Fan allows you to cut your high electricity bill short by far and at the same time gives you the air conditioning service effectively. It is easy to control and operate where you can use the remote control, a digital timer, or a two-speed wall switch. It conditions the air of a two-story building perfectly well.

The whole house fan operates quietly and hence there is no noise to disrupt your peace as you relax. It has support brackets that are heavy-duty and helps keep the damper off the wall. The whole house fits between 16 and 24 inches on the joints at the center. The installation process takes around 90 minutes and is hence easy and time-saving.

Key Features:
  • Utilizes very minimal power
  • Ideal for both single and two-story buildings
  • Three easy-to-operate options
  • Operates quietly
  • Heavy-duty support brackets
  • Takes 90 minutes to install
  • Fits 16 & 24-inch on-center joists
  • Fan-made of aluminum.
Reasons to Buy:
  • It helps reduce the cost of electricity
  • Keeps the air refreshed and conditioned on a requirement
  • It is not noisy and hence environmentally friendly.

#9. QA-Deluxe 4800(R2T) Whole House Fan

QA-Deluxe 4800(R2T) Whole House Fan

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The QA-Deluxe 4800(R2T) Whole House Fan enables you to save energy and freshen your whole house. It operates perfectly for both two-story buildings covering up to 3400 sq. feet and 2500 sq. ft. for the single-storeyed. Depending on your preference, it comes with a digital timer and a two-speed wall switch or remote control and a switch.

The whole house fan operates quietly and therefore does not disrupt your piece with noise. The damper has high insulation to keep the fan safe even when not in use and also prevents vibration since it takes the position off the drywall. It is easy to install as the package consists of all the requirements and the procedure making it take less than 90 minutes.

Key Features:
  • R-5 Insulated Damper
  • Covers 3400 sq. ft. 2-story building and 2500 for single
  • Operates quietly
  • Heavy-duty support brackets
  • Fits 16 & 24-inch on-center joists
  • Made of aluminum
  • Two-speed wireless remote control
  • Has a wireless touchscreen temperature control.
Reasons to Buy:
  • Help save on energy consumption and condition the air in the room
  • It does not cause noise disruption while in operation
  • Comes with a ten years warranty.
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#8. Tamarack Technologies Whole House Fan

Tamarack Technologies Whole House Fan

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The whole house fan can ventilate a maximum area of 1500 square feet effectively while saving your electricity cost. It has R50 insulated doors which play a critical role in protecting the fan when you are not using it. You can mount the whole house fan depending on your preference either horizontally or vertically which fits between 16 and 24 inches center joists. It does not require you to cut it for perfect fitting.

It is easy to install the whole house fan within a short time since all the items are included in the package together with the instructions to follow. It is easy to operate as it comes with a remote control although it is optional. The whole house fan perfectly installs on the ceiling.

Key Features:
  • Ventilates 1500 square feet maximum area
  • Has R50 insulated doors
  • Installs either vertically or horizontally
  • Fits 16-inch or 24-inch center joists
  • Comes with a remote control
  • It is ductless and ceiling mountable.
Reasons to Buy:
  • The fan is safe while not in use since the insulated doors protect it
  • It is very efficient in conditioning the air of the whole house
  • It is easy to operate with the remote control and installs easily and quickly.

#7. QA-Deluxe 4800(W) Whole House Fan

QA-Deluxe 4800(W) Whole House Fan

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With the QA-Deluxe 4800(W) Whole House Fan, you can cut your electricity bills by a great percentage and continue enjoying the perfect air conditioning. It perfectly conditions both a story building covering a maximum area of 3400 sq. feet and 2500 2500 sq. feet for the single-story building. Operating the whole house fan is easy as it has three options which are a digital timer, a 2-speed wall switch, or the use of remote control.

The whole house fan operates quietly with the use of a suspended motor, acoustic ducting, and QuietFlex cloth lining. The heavy-duty support brackets also help reduce vibrations transfer by supporting the fan off the wall. It is easy and quick to install within 90 minutes and it fits 16 and 24 inches on-center joists.

Key Features:
  • Utilizes less power to operate
  • Ventilates 3400 sq. feet double-story and 2500 single
  • Three modes of controlling it
  • Operates with no noise
  • Has heavy-duty support brackets
  • Fits 16 and 24-inch on-center joists
  • Aluminum construction
  • It is R-5 insulated.
Reasons to Buy:
  • Saves your electricity bill while conditioning your whole house’s air
  • It has a durable construction thus serving you for a long period
  • Insulation keeps the fan safe when not in use.

#6. Air Vent Inc. Whole House Fan

Air Vent Inc. Whole House Fan

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It takes you just a short time to install and start using the Air Vent Inc. Whole House Fan immediately as it comes with all the requirements and does not require you to cut the joist during the installation process. It works perfectly with a house worth 1500 sq. feet. The whole house fan runs both on high and low speed depending on the need.

The whole house fan has a durable construction which makes it last for a long while offering services. It is easy to use and comes with a two-speed pull chain. The fan measures 24 inches and has a rough opening.

Key Features:
  • Has an automatic shutter
  • Perfectly covers 1500 sq. feet of house
  • Comes with a 2-speed pull chain
  • Has a durable construction
  • It is easy to use
  • It runs on both high and low.
Reasons to Buy:
  • You can start using it immediately after installation
  • It is efficient and does not produce noise during its operation
  • It lasts for a long thus assuring you a long life.
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#5. QuietCool AFG SMT-3.0 Smart Attic Gable Fan

QuietCool AFG SMT-3.0 Smart Attic Gable Fan

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The whole house fan is very effective in cooling the attic when it is overheated. It efficiently cools it up to 30 to 50 degrees. It consists of a built-in thermostat and humidistat to ensure its effectiveness. The 10-speed ECM motor ensures that it constantly reads the attic’s temperature and humidity. It is energy-efficient and thus you do not have to worry about the high cost of electricity.

The whole house fan is easy and simple to install since it uses the innovative integrated mounting tab system. The airflow with this fan is much higher up to three times than when compared to the traditional ones. It is environmentally friendly since it operates without producing any noise.

Key Features:
  • Cols the attic up to 30-50 degrees
  • Built-in thermostat and humidistat
  • Has a 10-speed ECM motor
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty
  • Operates quietly
  • Has no complex wiring.
Reasons to Buy:
  • It allows you to adjust the temperature and humidity levels
  • Helps prolong your roofs life by keeping the molds off
  • Prevents the attic from overheating thus regulating the temperatures.

#4. QuietCool QC CL-3100Whole House Fan

QuietCool QC CL-3100Whole House Fan

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QuietCool QC CL-3100Whole House Fan ensures the amount of noise produced by the attic since it has a duct system that neutralizes the sounds and the noises. It further ensures that there is no heat or cooling loss that exists between the attic and the house. Barometric pressurized gravity dampers facilitate this factor.

With this whole house fan, you can reduce your electricity cost by up to 50 to 90 percent since it is energy-saving. The R5 insulated damper system prevents heat loss hence very effective. The ten-year warranty that comes with the whole house fan provides confidence to the buyer.

Key Features:
  • Has an R5 insulated damper system
  • Has barometric pressurized gravity dampers
  • Has permanent split capacitor motors
  • Ideal for up to 1570 Square Feet of area
  • Operates quietly
  • It is energy efficient.
Reasons to Buy:
  • Ensures a continuous air conditioning process
  • Environmental friendly by keeping away the noise
  • Durable hence serving you for an extended period.

#3. Iliving Whole House Fan

Iliving Whole House Fan

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The Living Whole House Fan offers different speeds where you can choose the best that fits your needs. It measures 18 inches which enables it to have a perfect fit. It is easy to maintain since it has permanent lubrication. It is listed with the UL and also allows you to adjust the speeds by yourself.

The whole house fan is resistant to corrosion and thus maintains its original look for a long. The wire guards are also compliant with OSHA hence very strong and efficient. It requires the use of a speed controller which makes it easy to use although not included in the package.

Key Features:
  • It measures 18 inches
  • It has automatic Shutters
  • It has a permanently lubricated motor
  • Easy to operate with a speed controller
  • Weather-resistant front shutter
  • Strong and durable construction.
Reasons to Buy:
  • Ensures perfect ventilation for your house
  • The durable construction ensures a long-time service
  • It allows you to control the number of temperatures you need.
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#2. Air King 9166F 20″ Whole House Window Fan

Air King 9166F 20" Whole House Window Fan

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Once you purchase the Air King 9166F 20″ Whole House Window Fan, you are sure to get consistent services without having to lubricate it since it is permanently lubricated. It has a three-speed operation which makes it very efficient. The whole house fan can operate under three speeds which can be high, low, or medium.

It has a durable construction with impact-resistant plastic housing to keep it in good shape even when there is an accidental impact. The front grill and blade have a powder coating, making it last for a long time. It is ideal for windows that have a width of 27 to 38 and a height of 26.25 inches.

Key Features:
  • Has three operation speeds
  • It is compliant with ETL and OSHA
  • A Powder Coated Steel Front Grill and Blade
  • Ideal for 27 to 38 W by 26.25 inches Height
  • Has a permanent lubrication
  • The settings are adjustable with a powerful motor.
Reasons to Buy:
  • The strong and durable construction ensures a high period of use
  • Allows you to adjust the settings to fit your needs
  • Low maintenance cost with permanent lubrication.

#1. Aprilaire 700 Whole House Fan

Aprilaire 700 Whole House Fan

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The Aprilaire 700 Whole House Fan is a humidifier whose fun is inbuilt which ensures that enhances the pulling of heat directly from the furnace. It perfectly works for a maximum area of 4, 200 square feet. The fan holds a capacity of 18 gallons per day. You only need to set the whole house fan and the dual sensors it has will deliver optimum temperatures.

It is easy to operate the whole house fan with the digital control which has lights acting as an indicator that the humidifier is running. It also has a blower activation switch to help with the same. Maintaining the optimal humidity in the house, it keeps off allergens, respiratory diseases, and microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria.

Key Features:
  • Has a built-in fan
  • It covers 4,200 square feet maximum area
  • It has dual sensors
  • Easy to operate with the digital control
  • Ideal or health.
Reasons to Buy:
  • Acts as good prevention to diseases caused by humid conditions
  • Its automatic operation ensures ease of use.

Factors to consider while buying Whole House Fans:

  • Durability – The ability to resist impact depends on the type of material making the whole house fan. Your choice should, therefore, be that of a quality material if the fan has to serve you efficiently and for longer.
  • Noise during operation – Nobody loves a noisy whole house fan and you too should not consider going for one. It simply disrupts your peace and rather than offering comfort, the whole house fan becomes a nuisance.
  • Cost – The cost of whole house fans defers depending mostly on the features and quality. You should, therefore, pay for the one that satisfies your needs perfectly.
  • Size – The size of the whole house fan you choose should go hand in hand with the size of your house. Ensure that the whole house fan can accommodate all the house surface area for it to be effective and useful.


Having the ability to control your house’s temperatures in any season be it cooling for the summer and heating for the winter is very important. It helps you achieve comfort the way you want. To achieve this, it is important to ensure that you have a whole house fan in your house. We have the top ten best whole house fans in 2023 in this article that will make the search for the right one for your house easy.

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