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Top 10 Best Weighted Blankets in 2023 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

The weighted blankets refer to a special blanket that’s specially-designed for helping people calm down, thus falling asleep faster. Most of these blankets feature unique lightweight beading that applies gentle pressure on the user’s body. By doing so, the blanket will calm you.

The pressure that’s generated by beads usually affects the sensory system in individuals with sleep complications. When the system feels this pressure, the brain will release serotonin into the body. In turn, serotonin will calm and enable you to have a more peaceful sleep. Serotonin chemical normally helps in inducing calmness.

Today, the majority of the weighted blankets have been designed to help relieve sleep, sensory, and autism disorders among several others. As such, it’s important that you get a high-quality blanket that suits you better. You should be smarter when making this selection because there are numerous weighted blankets in the market nowadays.

List of Top 10 Best Weighted Blankets in 2023

Are you one of the victims of sleep-related disorders and you’re indefatigably thinking about the best solutions? If yes, then don’t worry anymore. This article is specifically meant to help you. Below is a comprehensive review of the top 10 best-weighted blankets reviews in 2023 with pros and cons for each product just to help you make an informed decision:

#10. CMFRT Premium Blanket With The Removable Duvet Cover

CMFRT Premium Blanket With The Removable Duvet Cover

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The CMFRT is certainly one of the best-weighted blankets today. It’s a great deal because it comes together with a removable duvet cover. The weight within this blanket is evenly distributed thanks to its small pockets that usually hold weights thus preventing it from sliding around in the cover. As such, you’ll sleep more soundly because you will not have to adjust this blanket anytime during the night.

Its duvet cover is 100-percent cotton. The duvet comes in a soft grey microfiber on one side and green color on the other side. In addition, since the cover is removable, it’s easy to keep this weighted blanket clean because you can easily put it in a washing machine. CMFRT’s Premium Weighted Blanket cover comes in 5 varying weights: 7.5, 8 pounds, 13.5, 18, and 22 pounds.

     Pros      Cons
  • The blanket comes together with the removable duvet cover
  • There are 5 different weights that you can choose from
  • Its mink microfiber’s material is very soft to the touch
  • The duvet cover is also machine washable.
  • There’s only 1 color option
  • Some users might have to go lighter or heavier than 10-percent of their actual body weight depending on the available sizes.

#9. Cotton Weighted Blankets by Weighted Idea for The Adults

Cotton Weighted Blankets by Weighted Idea for The Adults

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The Cotton Weighted Blankets are certainly among the best due to their amazing feel. Anyone who has touched and felt Chenille would wish that all his blankets be made from there. The blanket is light in weight, comfy, breathable, and, super soft. This blanket brand is one of the original lightweight blankets. This cotton blanket has been featured on both Forbes and Dr. Oz.

This lightweight blanket is available in 5 different colors and its size ranges from 24*30 to 54*78. The blanket has varying weights and you can choose as from 4lbs to 24lbs. There is a size that’s best for kids as well as grown-ups. The cotton weighted has an amazing look since they are designed with unseen stitches. They are a similar look to other Chenille blankets.

     Pros      Cons
  • It comes from different weights and sizes
  • The product provides a deep pressure stimulation
  • Help reduce stimulation and anxiety
  • Its fabric has a smooth feel.
  • Despite its soft fabric, the blanket is not fluffy enough.

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#8. InYard’s Premium Weighted Blankets for Adults

InYard's Premium Weighted Blankets for Adults

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The InYard blanket has a premium design that puts together both durable and healthy materials providing you with good sleeping aid. The back of this blanket is 100% flannel and its front side is made of polyester. The InYard blanket is proved to relieve sleeping disorders like PTSD, insomnia, anxiety, among others.

The blanket is made in such a way that it counters these sleeping disorders by enabling the body to release melatonin. This blanket is best for teenagers with Autism, leg syndrome conditions among others. The 15lbs blankets are the best options for lightweight people.

     Pros      Cons
  • You don’t need any duvet cover
  • The blanket has 4 different weights to select from
  • There is a full refund if you do not like it
  • It’s made of polyesters and flannel materials that are warm.
  • Not machine washable
  • Comes in just one color.

#7. Miran Blankets Deep Sleep Double Adults Size

Miran Blankets Deep Sleep Double Adults Size

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The Miran’s Deep Sleep blanket is the best option for those in need of a heavier and large blanket. The blanket is 60*80 inches; it’s thus big enough to cover and fit your bed well and also cover you when you’re on the couch. It comes in two weights, 20 pounds and 5 pounds. This blanket’s cover is made of very soft mink and cotton. The cover is removable thus washing the blanket is easy. The Miran Deep Sleep blanket comes in a medium gray color and it’s best for both women and men. It’s a good match for most living spaces.

With Miran blanket, you can enjoy and have a good feeling about the purchase since it comes with a two years warranty. Many blankets seem weighted because of their square sewing pattern, unlike Miran that hides its weight since it’s just a piece. It’s, therefore, best for kids in need of sleepovers and other public settings.

     Pros      Cons
  • The blanket comes in 5 colors to choose from
  • It has a soft outer cover
  • The Miran is tied to it is inside the preventing it from sliding down
  • It has a removable cover that has a zip.
  • It only has a one weight option
  • Sometimes the inside ties break over time.

#6. Rocabi Luxury Adults Weighted Blanket

Rocabi Luxury Adults Weighted Blanket

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If you are in need of a weighted blanket with a good design element, the Rocabi blanket is your best choice. The blanket has an amazing geometric design of white and grey. This blanket is best made for adults because of its weight. It comes in 25, 20, and 5lbs, and its removable cover weighs 2.5 pounds in addition. Therefore, at times you may have to put some size down to get relieved from high pressure.

The Rocabi lightweight blanket can be prevented from bunching on the inside of the removable cover. This is done by the use of ties on each corner of the blanket, making it secure. The packing and washing of the Rocabi blanket are easy because of the zipper on its outer cover. The blanket cover is made of Minky fabric, microfiber, and polyester, this makes it ultra-soft and so easy to clean. The blanket comes in other additional colors like plain grey.

     Pros      Cons
  • The Rocabi blanket’s cover has a good geometric design
  • The blanket’s removable cover is very easy to clean
  • It comes with three different weights for you to select from.
  • There are no kids’ size available
  • It’s quite expensive compared to other weighted blankets.

#5. CALMFORTER’s Premium Weighted Blanket

CALMFORTER's Premium Weighted Blanket

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The CALMFORTER Premium blanket is an example of the XL blanket with a weight of 12lbs. This blanket has both a luxurious and appealing looks. The blanket is available in 4 colors and it has an extra smooth feel. The CALMFORTER is designed with a well-dotted texture pattern on its cover. The design enables its users to easily grab it in the case of fidgeting. Its cover is removable thus easy to wash it.

This blanket measures 62 *80 inches. It’s recommended to be used by adults due to its full-sized weight. The Evenflow technology is added to the blanket to ensure the even distribution of pressure all over the.

     Pros      Cons
  • The CALMFORTER blanket comes in various weights
  • This blanket is made of high-quality materials
  • The blanket is odorless.
  • The CALMFORTER blanket can only be dry cleaned
  • The cover and the blankets are sold separately, which may be expensive.

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#4. ZonLi Weighted Sensory Blankets

ZonLi Weighted Sensory Blankets

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If you are searching for a simple cure for your sleeping disorders, the ZonLi blanket is your best option. This blanket comes with many amazing features that you would like to look at. The ZoniI blanket is 100% cotton and it does not have a cover. The wetness in the blanket is distributed uniformly by the nontoxic poly-pellets. The blanket is both hand and machine washable. You can also add a cover to be in a position to sports cleaning.

Because of its incredible sizing and hypoallergenic properties, the blanket is just perfect as it does not have any defects. This ZonLi weighted blanket is made of very perfect stitching; everything on this blanket is just perfect. The ZonLi blanket offers a soothing comfort regardless of the user’s body weight. It can easily be washed by machine and hands.

     Pros      Cons
  • Durable stitching
  • Smooth finish
  • Its pressure points are distributed evenly.
  • The ZonLi weighted blanket may be very warm during some summer months.

#3. SensaCalm Therapeutics Adult-Length Blanket

SensaCalm Therapeutics Adult-Length Blanket

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The SensaCalm blanket is a combination of both high-quality materials and good construction art, thus providing a quality weighted blanket. The high quality of the blanket has aided in luring the minds of most potential buyers. It’s among the best and quality weighted blankets available because of its added puffiness of padding, which makes its sensory pressure to be more enjoyable. The blanket comes in 3 soothing and comforting color combinations. The dimensions of this blanket range from 40*30 to 72*54.

The SensaCalm Therapeutic blanket comes in varying weights from 5lbs to 25lbs. It has a tufted pattern that evenly distributes the weight throughout this blanket. The even distribution of weight prevents the blanket from sliding off at night. Its pillow has a soft and soothing texture that is comfortable.

     Pros      Cons
  • It’s made of 100-percent breathable cotton
  • The blanket is made of hypoallergenic glass bead
  • Has a soft-polyester duvet cover
  • Easy to wash
  • Has many therapeutic benefits.
  • Cannot be easily carried around.

#2. New Versions Weighted Blankets by Hypnoser

New Versions Weighted Blankets by Hypnoser

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The Hypnoser blanket is among the best-weighted blankets available on the market today. This is because of the additional puffiness for padding, which makes its sensory pressure very enjoyable. The Hypnoser blanket comes in 3 amazing color combinations. Its dimension ranges from 40*30inches to 72*54 inches.

This weighted blanket has a weight range of from 5lbs to 25lbs. Its tufted pattern plays a crucial role in even the distribution of weight throughout the blanket. The pattern also prevents the blanket from sliding off at night. Its soft-textured pillow offers amazing comfort.

     Pros      Cons
  • The blanket comes with customer customized features depending on their requirement in terms of size and weight
  • The Hypnose if made of 100% cotton, which is distributed evenly
  • The blanket is made of quality material.
  • They are not very durable since they are made of very pure cotton.

#1. Weighted Blankets by Lifetime Sensory Solution

Weighted Blankets by Lifetime Sensory Solution

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Sensory Solutions’ blankets are among the best-weighted blankets around today. These blankets are custom made to fit your specific needs. The manufacturing company was established by a woman who created a sensory weighted blanket for her kid. She then saw the huge impact that the blanket made on her child’s sleep. Sensory Solutions is nowadays a successful company that produces several other blankets to the customer’s specifications!

Their most popular models are queen-sized blankets. Still, the company has all bedding sizes in their store. The blanket comes in weights of 10 or 15lbs and an amazing choice of eight different color options to choose from. In addition, they’re made from breathable sateen’s fabric which feels great against the skin. The fabric will also leave the user feeling calmer throughout the night.

     Pros      Cons
  • The grid pattern usually allows for even weight distribution
  • The material is ideally suited for use in warm weather conditions because it doesn’t cause sweating
  • This quality anti-anxiety weighted blanket can withstand air drying and gentle machine washing cycle
  • It’s a great weighted blanket model for children
  • It is perfectly suited for adults and kids with panic attacks or those who suffer from pain, sleep problems, ADD, sensory disorders, and anxiety.
  • Not very easy to clean.


Many ways have been invented just to combat sleep disorders. However, among these inventions, the easiest way is to have a weighted blanket each and every night. As you’ve seen above, we have reviewed the best-weighted blanket models that are worth buying. All the above-listed blankets guarantee therapeutic solutions to your sleep-related disorders. Therefore you can enjoy your sleep like never before. In many cases, you should sleep satisfactorily so as to allow the mind to work productively the following day.

Besides, weighted blankets can also be used as great gifts for the kids who travel quite often, those who usually have light sleep as well as the fussy sleepers! Therefore, ensure that you choose a weighted blanket that’s made from high-quality materials, and you can be guaranteed to have a weighted blanket that will be used for several years to come!

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