Best Solar Powered Fans in 2020 | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Solar Powered Fans

Attic ventilation is essential to maintain a favorable air condition at home. Solar attic fans function with your existing inert vents to boost air circulation. Ideally, Air movement in your attic in summer can minimize your AC bill. During the hotter seasons, the attic temperature tends to go beyond 100F, and the solar-powered fan can lower the temperature by about 40F. Solar-powered fan reduces the workload and exhausts extra heat build-up in the air conditioning system.

Solar-powered fans are energy-efficient and eco-friendly. It extends the lifespan of the roof shingles. Besides, it keeps your attic dry and cool, thus preventing it from distortion, premature rotting, damaging, or aging.

List of Top 10 Best Solar powered Fans in 2020

#10. Geek Aire Handheld solar-powered Fan

Geek Aire Handheld solar-powered Fan

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By: Geek Aire

GF2 series by GeekAire is a modern mini handheld handy fan. It is characterized by 2600mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The sleek, lightweight handheld design enables you to move around with it to the home, office, and travel. Moreover, it features a brushless DC motor for durable quality and outstanding air performance. For enhanced stability, it also includes charging dock that comes with washable sticky rubber. The package also includes a hand strap and USB cable.

What is more, this solar-powered fan has five-speed settings, which enhance airspeed performance — additionally, aerodynamic 6-blade design and detachable battery compartment (power bank) for charging all digital gadgets. With Intuitive Indicator, you can easily control it by simply pressing the power button and activate speed settings. The power incorporates blue Led light that indicates the fans speeds.

Key Features:
  • Detachable power bank
  • Intuitive LED indicator situated on fan power gauge and speed button
  • Patented 6-blade design for impressive air performance
  • Characterized by 2600mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Has five-speed settings
  • Built-in CID and PTC circuit guard for enhanced safety
  • It is accompanied by 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Easy to observe and read led indicator
  • Convenient charging dock
  • Suitable for portable use
  • None

#9. ECO-WORTHYSolar Powered Fan

ECO-WORTHYSolar Powered Fan

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This is the best product which is known for having high effectiveness of brushless motor and keeps one in a quiet environment. It has a poly foldable solar panel of 30 watts with 16 feet cable and adjustable angle mount where you can adjust at any angle to get the right efficiency.

Similarly, it has a fan which works automatically at a low voltage to get high ventilation even during the cloudy days. Besides, the solar vents can cool the roof together with reducing the load on the air conditioning system, which cut the cooling costs drastically. Moreover, it has the shell material, which is a high strength of 304 stainless steel.

Key Features:
  • Has brushless motor
  • 16 feet cable
  • The solar panel of 30 watts
  • Adjustable angle mount
  • Has solar vents
  • Long life span
  • It is high efficiency
  • Can be modified easily
  • It works perfectly
  • Powerful only during the sunny day
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#8. Solar Blaster Solar Attic Fan

Solar Blaster Solar Attic Fan

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By: Solar Blaster

Solar-powered fan solar blaster comes pre-mounted on the galvanized 8-inches vent. This metallic roof vent has a flashing that measures 16.5-inches x16.5-inches. Moreover, the incorporated vent hood typically attaches 3W solar panel using four stainless steel clips that are wired tightly to a two unique ball bearing. The fan delivers 39cfm and 2700rpm and 50,000 hours rated.

Unlike other brands, which has plastic vents, this one is designed with a metal vent to last. Unlike metal plastic are prone to fading, and over time it becomes brittle on the hot roof. This item is a great ventilation option for your greenhouse, home, garage, garden shed, storage shed and utility shed

Key Features:
  • Has galvanized vent
  • Weighs 6 pounds
  • Delivers 39cfm and 2700rpm and 50,000 hours rated
  • Galvanized metal vent material
  • Wattage: 3 watts
  • Air Flow Capacity: 39 CF
  • Great ventilation option
  • Long-lasting metallic vent
  • Come pre-installed on metallic vent
  • Replacement Problem

#7. Rand Solar Powered 20-Watt Attic Gable Fan

Rand Solar Powered 20-Watt Attic Gable Fan

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By: Rand Solar

This solar power fan is known to cut the cooling costs dramatically mostly during summer for it can get hotter more than 160 degrees. For this reason, this heat works can go to your house, making it difficult to cool during the summer season. Besides, it has Polycrystalline Solar Panel Silicon of 20 Watts, which is high quality.

Nevertheless, 85-degrees thermostat is free and also prewired to a wiring harness and weighs 12.45 pounds. It has the solar panel which has an adjustable angle bracket where you can dial for an optimal panel angle that is relative to that of the sun.

Key Features:
  • Polycrystalline Solar Panel
  • 85-degrees thermostat
  • Adjustable angle bracket
  • Has 160 degrees
  • Weighs 12.45 pounds
  • It is of high quality
  • Easy to install
  • Has quick-connect fittings
  • They are very noisy

#6. Natural Light 24-watt Solar-powered Fan

Natural Light 24-watt Solar-powered Fan

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By: Natural Light

Natural Light presents a 24-watt solar-powered fan that provides an environmentally sensible solution for cooling your home effectively. The fan can be easily installed on slanting fiberglass-asphalt grit roofs without the need for wiring. More pleasingly, the solar runs on free solar power and reducing AC units the cooling load. A 25-year warranty accompanies this adjustable solar panel.

It has Powder-coated aircraft quality aluminum for optimum durability. In all honesty, this solar-powered fan alongside watt module can deliver 1339 CFM. What is more, the unit has 2100 square feet venting capacity of roof space per fan.

Key Features:
  • Weighs 29 pounds
  • Black in color
  • Optional snap-on thermostat
  • Has Powder-coated aircraft quality aluminum
  • Installation: On slanting fiberglass-asphalt grit roofs
  • Adjustable solar panel
  • Save your money!
  • No wiring required
  • All necessary installation materials are included
  • Fire safety switches and optional thermostats are sold separately
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#5. Natural Light Solar-powered 36-watt Attic Fan

Natural Light Solar-powered 36-watt Attic Fan

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By: Natural Light

With the Solar Attic Fans, the installation process is straightforward on the pitched roofs of Fiberglass-Asphalt Shingle. In the same way, they are the best product for suitable attic ventilation weighing 29.6 pounds. Luckily enough, it has a DC motor, which is powered by a 36-watt solar panel and thus moving hot moisture and air every day during the full sun hours.

Furthermore, the solar panel is adjustable from a flat to the angle of 45 degrees. Also, it has an optional snap-on thermostat that is used during the colder climates. Consequently, there is the industrial leading of 25-year of limited warranty on an entire unit.

Key Features:
  • Optional snap-on thermostat
  • Has 29.6 pounds
  • Fiberglass-Asphalt Shingle
  • There is DC motor
  • Optional snap-on thermostat
  • 25-year limited warranty
  • Highest quality materials
  • Easily installed
  • No wiring required
  • None

#4. Natural Light Gable Exhaust Vent Solar Powered Fan

Natural Light Gable Exhaust Vent Solar Powered Fan

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By: Natural Light

This solar-powered fan by natural light is Gable Exhaust vent that helps in improving attic air flow resulting in the energy-efficient and healthy home. Also, this solar-powered fans can extend the lifespan of the roof by pulling moisture and hot air out the attic. Likewise, it relieves the HVAC system its work Load by keeping the attic cooler during summer. The unit can also prevent ice damming and moisture building-up in winter.

More pleasingly, the solar runs on free solar power and reducing AC units the cooling load. A 25-year warranty accompanies this adjustable solar panel. In all honesty, this solar-powered fan alongside watt module can deliver 1339 CFM. What is more, the unit has 2100 square feet venting capacity of roof space per fan.

Key Features:
  • Weighs 28 pounds
  • Wattage: 24-Watt
  • Capacity: 1,339 CFM for 2100 Sq. Ft.
  • Easily Installed
  • Allows 25-Year warranty housing solar panel and motor
  • Built to Last
  • Constructed of industrial grade materials
  • None

#3. Solar-Powered Attic Fan by Remington Solar

Solar-Powered Attic Fan by Remington Solar

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By: Remington Solar

The Remington solar has come with a solar power fan, which is powered by free solar energy. To begin with, it has powder-coated steel and 20-Watt fan that ventilate effectively up to 1,800 sq/ft for the attic space which is the least expensive and a quality fan. Equally, it has a high efficient polycrystalline solar panel which is powerful and very quiet with brushless DC motor of 24V.

Moreover, there is fans roof mount which has a stylish design with the built-in solar panel. However, every fan comes with the built-in thermostat and humidistat and with a limited and life-time warranty.

Key Features:
  • Powder-coated steel
  • Polycrystalline solar panel
  • Fans roof mount
  • Has 20-Watt fan
  • Built-in solar panel
  • High-quality solar panel
  • It ventilates effectively
  • It is easy to install
  • Limited and life-time warranty
  • It is fairly expensive
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#2. Solar-powered Fan by Natural Light

Solar-powered Fan by Natural Light

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By: Natural Light

Natural Light Solar powered fan provides an environmentally sensible yet cooling solution for you. The unit is budget-friendly because it uses free solar energy. It also comes with an efficient and sleek vent, which is both quiet and compact. The fan is easily installed on slanting fiberglass-asphalt grit roofs without expensive electrician cost and the need for wiring. This Solar-powered Fan by Natural Light incorporates superior impact photovoltaic 25-year warranted solar panel.

More significantly, the fan housing is made with 1100 series, industrial grade aluminum that does not leak. The manufacturer allows 25-Year warranty on the solar panel, motor, and housing. Also, it operates at 893 CFMs and fully vents 1,260 square feet using a 12-watt unit. Ideally, the unit helps in improving circulation; attics, workshops, lofts, garages, storage sheds, even barns.

Key Features:
  • Weighs 25 pounds
  • Capacity: 893 CFMs
  • The housing is made of 1100 series
  • Vent capacity: to 1,260 square feet
  • Come with a 25-Year Warranty on the fan motor, solar panel, housing
  • The fan provides optimum performance
  • Extra-durability
  • Lower backpressure of depleted gases
  • Some installation essentials are sold separately

#1. HQST Solar Powered Attic Fan

HQST Solar Powered Attic Fan

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HQST has come up with the Solar Attic Fan, which has all-in-one unit design in a way that it can lower the attic temperatures and also prevent the damage caused by the moisture. To start with, it has a built-in 15watt panel which maintains the steady airflow making the excellent product for right attic ventilation.

Likewise, the presence of IP68 brushless waterproof DC motor keep the electricity bill to be lower. For this reason, it has rust-free aluminum which is durable to ensure a long life of free maintenance with the optional snap-on thermostat which can be used during the colder climates.

Key Features:
  • IP68 brushless waterproof DC motor
  • Built-in 15watt panel
  • Has Rust-free aluminum
  • Optional Snap-On thermostat
  • Maintain strong airflow
  • It is durable
  • Easy to install
  • All-in-one unit
  • It only operates when there is sun

How to choose the best Solar-Powered Fans:

  • AdjustableSelect the solar-powered fan that features distinctive adjustable mounting brackets for appropriate positioning in any angle where the solar will collect the most sunbeams. Select the fans with the shielding animal screen, constructed with stainless steel wires. With this screen you will keep the birds and bugs out, allowing smooth circulation of air.
  • Leak-proofSelect the solar-powered fan that is made of premium-grade aluminum, thus preventing leaking. The ideal option should be leak-proof and can withstand harsh weathers.
  • Covered SpaceWhen selecting a solar-powered fan, it’s significant to consider its space coverage so you can select an appropriate model. The lightweight portable and the tabletop solar fan is suitable for smaller space while ceiling or freestanding solar-powered fan is suitable for larger areas to ensure ample coverage.
  • Additional FeaturesOnly a few solar-panels features an inbuilt extra, like bonus charge ports for charging other gadgets using the solar panel. Some may also feature intuitive indicator for speed setting. More common are solar-powered fans has several speeds to allow you to make speed adjustment where necessary. The best option should include some of these features.


In sum, all solar-powered fans listed above are great, and all most all are multi-functional. However, the solar-powered fan with superior dual power system should be your better option. This will enable the unit to remain functional when the sunlight or battery backup is available. If you are purchasing a solar-powered fan, check on its space coverage for proper ventilation. Ultimately, all those as mentioned above, solar-powered fans are constructed of premium-grade material to enhance sustainability for decades. Buy yours now!

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