Top 10 Best Portable DVD Players in 2023 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

When one is gone for a prolonged road tour, and you desire for some fun while held in a car, these ten best portable DVD players could give you opinions on the elegant products in a particular market that is worth purchasing. We have thoughtfully selected some products that reached our standards when it appears to merit, performance, and persistence. After examining and exploring more on these pieces, we have recognized that certain earn to be in our best 10 lists.

List of Top 10 Best Portable DVD Players in 2023

To help you in the daunting selection task, we reviewed some of the best items which are currently in the market. As an addition, we outlined various factors to pay attention to during the purchase.

#10. Sylvania-7″-Portable-DVD-Player

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One can never get bored when in the backseat of a car or when on a long-haul flight while on a holiday or business tour. With this portable DVD player, one enjoys seeing a favorite film for endless hours. This device offers reliable quality audio and pure video that adds to one’s overall viewing encounter. With a 7-inch screen and speakers made right in the unit, one will enjoy every moment spent when your eyes are stuck to the screen. Plus, there are associates added such as the remote controller and earphones to boost your viewing comfort. There is a carry holder with an ergonomic layout that easier for you to move this DVD player.

These portable DVD players come in a charming blue color that appends to the aesthetic attraction of the unit. The remote controller makes it easy for you to customize the different frames because of its tender feature.

Key Features:
  • Built-in Speakers
  • Completely Compatible with DVD, CD, MP3
  • Built-in-Rechargeable-Battery.
     Pros      Cons
  • Great audio and video status
  • Incorporates a pair of earphones and a remote controller
  • Built-in speakers give a decent sound.
  • It can be helpful if the battery could sustain a charge for long
  • The color isn’t as vivid as in the photo.

#9. DBPOWER-9.5″Portable-DVD-Player


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This is a mobile DVD player that arrives with a rechargeable battery great for 5 hours of usage. The screen can be revolved to up to 270 degrees or flipped at a 180-degree custom, so one can watch with ease while one is on the aircraft, in the automobile, or as you wait for your aid at the doctor’s office. If one wants to enhance your viewing encounter, just flip the screen and establish it to the desired point. One can also use this device for your CDs. Pop in your CD or also plug in one’s USB stick to mark out some files you ought in these choices. It even holds an SD card browser for seeing media records.

Key Features:
  • Various ways to operate
  • Last-memory
  • Rotating screen
  • Rechargeable-Battery
  • Support-multi-media.
     Pros      Cons
  • Multi-function and styles for the DVD player that reads files on a CD, SD card, or USB stick
  • Enables one to flip the screen up to one hundred and eighty degrees
  • The battery could last for up to five hours
  • Lightweight and well-designed portable DVD player.
  • 2 AA batteries for the remote control are not included in the package.

#8. Sylvania SDVD7060 Combo DVD Player

Sylvania SDVD7060 Combo DVD Player

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Capture the absolute viewing angle one wants by turning and rotating the screen of the portable DVD player by Sylvania. The screen covers 7 inches in dimension, which is a respectable size for viewing videos or movies when one is on the go. With a 180-degree pivot function, one can alter the angle of seeing the folders according to whichever is most convenient for you.

There are numerous ports added for more choices when it gets to watch from the DVD player. There is a headphone port, the TV-out-port, and the DC9-port. These ports have particular capabilities and roles to satisfy your demands. With a carry case involved, the DVD player dwells free of dust plus debris that could endanger its performance.

Key Features:
  • Deluxe-Travel-Bag
  • Oversize fitting Headphones
  • AC-Power-Adapter
  • Car-Power-Adapter.
     Pros      Cons
  • Measures seven inches long for the screen
  • Light and might be rotated for the optimal angle
  • Has a carrying bag and headphones.
  • In case one accidentally touch several buttons.

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#7. SYNAGY-A29-Portable-DVD-Player


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A well-made portable DVD player, this device allows you to check out one’s desired movies or music where you may be. Considering it is lightweight and compact, one should nevermore have a problem packing it in one’s bag for a weekend tour, or one can easily carry it perfectly like a notebook. It operates great with multiple disc setups, and thou will enjoy viewing your adored films on a nine-inch screen with an appearance ratio of 16:9.

The audio output is fit with some built-in speakers or approved 3.5-mm headphones. There are some things incorporated in the kit to boost your viewing and monitoring pleasure. Those are the DC car adapter, AC-adapter, shipping bag, and remote controller.

Key Features:
  • Made with Last-Memory-Function
  • Gives with three Power Systems
  • Supports Various Media Format.
     Pros      Cons
  • Lively and bright 9-inch screen
  • 360-degree pivot function
  • Appears with a carrying bag.
  • The cord involved in the kit appears with a smaller length.

#6. Ematic-EPD707TL-7-Inch-Portable-DVD-Player


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It possesses a wide range of characteristics including the “Last-Memory” option seen in the structure portion. This drives one to the last display or tracks one was playing, so one can pick up precisely where you went off. With several options in some audio, video, and inclusive settings, one can attain your favored volume or video feature while viewing or listening through this DVD/ CD player. With a multi-function portable device, one can play MP3, CD, or DVD without any problem.

Key Features:
  • It has Headphones
  • Deluxe-carrying-bag
  • Built-in Rechargeable-Lithium-Ion-Battery.
     Pros      Cons
  • The sound quality is adequate
  • There are various options for the structure and settings
  • The zoom-in trait is an attractive addition to the DVD’s purposes.
  • To moreover improve the absolute quality, headphones might be important.

#5. Sylvania 9-Inch Portable Swivel Screen DVD Player

Sylvania 9-Inch Portable Swivel Screen DVD Player

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Rather than simply viewing DVDs from the player, why not hear your favorite CDs or look out the audio and video folders in your USB stick or MP3 player? That is ultimately tolerable because of the various ports that this portable equipment has to offer. With a longer lifespan for the battery, which could last up to five hours, thou will have lots of time to be entertained anywhere you are. lengthy plane trips and car drives are made extra fun, gratitude to the multi-function player by Sylvania.

This gadget is ready to manage the right form of the box. There is no necessity for any complex installations or arrangements, unlike with different portable DVD players. One could easily pop one’s DVD properly in, pick the appropriate key to start it, and only sit back & enjoy one’s movie. It absolutely packs a knock with a screen for your seeing pleasure.

Key Features:
  • Has Stereo-earphones
  • Comes with Remote-control
  • Stereo-audio-output
  • AC & car adapter
  • Has a User manual.
     Pros      Cons
  • The battery has a 5-hour lifetime
  • Slim & sleek profile
  • User-friendly characteristics and settings.
  • The wire is a little small.

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#4. Sylvania-SDVD7027-7-Inch-Portable-Swivel-Screen-DVD-Player


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If a long trip is happening in your approach, be certain to plan for it by having this portable DVD beside you. The Sylvania-SDVD7027 is a feature-rich & portable player that lets one play videos, and music, or view data on just 1 device. With it is adaptability with numerous disc forms, one can instantly view his/her favorite films plus expect hrs of this entertainment experience. The seven-inch screen might be swiveled to suit your favored angle.

Whether one wants to perform the file out powerful or simply keep it to oneself, the decision is entirely up to one. Since this device has an SD card and USB-ports, you could check digital videos using this device. There is too the option to only place the equipment on your thighs as you view it or have it attached to one’s car seat’s-headrest. The recent works when one has children or customers in the backseat, so one can also appreciate the video while the vehicle rolls by.

Key Features:
  • It has an AC power adapter
  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • Has a remote control
  • Rechargeable-lithium-polymer-battery.
     Pros      Cons
  • The screen is 7 inches in dimension
  • Rotating feature for a screen
  • Multi-purpose with different ports.
  • The cover is very slim and barely gives much stability.

#3. Sylvania-SDVD9020-DVD-Player


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Watch any free-off-air TV shows or jump in one’s favorite DVDs inside this portable DVD player. We are fascinated with its characteristics including the capability to play different disc formats & the capability to have ATSC-RF-channel. The movie quality is good, so as to the dimension of the screen. Hence, there were a few issues when one tried to select a few of the channels.

Key Features:
  • Includes stereo-earphones
  • Comes with a Remote-control
  • Have speakers for output
  • AC & car adapter.
     Pros      Cons
  • The windscreen is just the correct size for a transferable player
  • The video feature is the best
  • There are fundamental choices that join to the ease of operating this equipment.
  • The battery becomes hot over time
  • Choosing all the choices is tough to do.

#2. Pyle-PDH14-Portable-DVD-CD-Player


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A fine guide anywhere one may move, this portable DVD player by Pyle-PDH14 arrives with a seven-inch screen plus a sleek form that makes it simple for you to handle this equipment. With a combined handle for carrying it safely with no problem. Whether one uses the stereo earphones or just allows it to play utilizing the built-in speakers, the sound quality will not disappoint you.
A portable DVD player, this is a must-have for every long journey. The screen presents a vivid picture of what one is watching, and the presentation is quite nice.

Key Features:
  • Have Stereo sound output
  • AC & car adapter
  • Comes with a User manual
  • Has Built-in Anti-Shock.
     Pros      Cons
  • The appearances are rich plus vibrant
  • Could play MP3 & CDs away from DVDs
  • Lightweight plus portable.
  • The switches and lid of the Compact Disk are small on the flimsy surface.

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#1. Philips-PET741B/37-7-Inch-LCD-Screen-Portable-DVD-Player


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Topping this list is this DVD player by Philips. It’s portable equipment that could also play one’s VCD, CD, plus even MP3s. In disc format, it can scan PAL plus NTSC without a problem. Furthermore, there exist built-in high-quality stereo speakers for one to listening & viewing comfortably. The player incorporates a built-in battery that allows a 2-hr play. Once it gets out of power, just put it into an energy source to continue with its function.

Key Features:
  • Comes with AC-adaptor& car-adaptor
  • Have Built-in stereo-speakers
  • AV-cable is included.
     Pros      Cons
  • Incorporates an AV-cable, car-adaptor, plus AC-adaptor
  • Has a 7-inch screen LCD show
  • Portable-DVD-player
  • Moderate pricing.
  • The sound isn’t too clear.

Factors to consider before buying Portable DVD Players:

  • Screen Dimension – What is the prospect of seeing a movie on a portable device if you cannot even experience the sense you’re perceiving, right? A modest size for a portable DVD player is about 10 inches or also goes as tall as 13 inches. But they come at a bigger cost than that 7-to 8-inch screen dimension.
  • Resolution – Everybody understands that the LCD-technology never fails in submitting excellent viewing knowledge. With distinctive and clear pictures, how could one go wrong with an LCD screen for one’s DVD player?
  • Format – It will be amazing if one’s portable equipment supports a variety of formats example CD, AVI, DIVX, plus MP3 instead of the normal DVD. Even the ability to read JPEG files is excellent since apart from utilizing the machine for watching movies, one can similarly rely on it as a display tool if you are constantly on the go.
  • Battery – On a particular charge, a typical portable DVD player’s battery can stand for 3 to 4 hours. This is ideal when you require to watch a duo of full-length flicks not using the tool falling on one or expecting the battery to be energized while still mid-way in the cinema.


There one has it – our 10 best portable DVD players. We believe that in any way, we’ve assisted you in selecting an excellent product for your needs. Simply look out for your favored items in the store and match them to determine the various practical choice for one.

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