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Top 10 Best Home Gym Equipment in 2023 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Home gym equipment that different people look for various qualities when purchasing their home gym equipment. They choose the different types of equipment based on their specific needs and they rate them according to the efficiency of the performance of such machines. Different types of equipment serve different purposes and their effectiveness is specialized for those purposes they serve. The following is a review of the home gym equipment available on Amazon, based on the number of sales and ratings in terms of performance.

List of 10 Best Home Gym Equipment in 2023

The following is a review of the home gym equipment available on Amazon, based on the number of sales and ratings in terms of performance.

#10. Bowflex Blaze

Bowflex Blaze

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Bowflex Blaze is a more cost economical home gym equipment that actually costs less than $1000. It is specifically designed to help trainers to achieve the perfect body shape of their desire. This machine offers over 60 exercises for the different muscles and its unique handgrip makes it more flexible and convenient to use. Other features of this home gym include a lower pulley station, leg press belts, and efficient squat straps.

Its cushioned bench seat is easily adjustable to enhance comfort throughout the exercise process. Unlike other home gyms, this machine comes with a special system called Power Rod Technology and which increases its convenience and comfort. In addition, this home gym equipment is easily upgraded up to 410 pounds.

I like the adaptability of the machine which makes it recommendable for both beginners and experts. However, this machine might be ineffective for those users who would like to reduce their tummies or develop ads since it has no special abs target or exercise.

     Pros      Cons
  • Economic in terms of price and cost
  • Supports quite a wide range of exercises
  • The cushioned seat is easily adjustable to enhance comfort
  • Can be easily upgraded.
  • It is heavy and may not be the most appropriate home gym equipment for temporary home gyms
  • Ineffective in developing abs.

#9. Total Gym Fitness Fusion Full Body Workout

Total Gym Fitness Fusion Full Body Workout

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This home gym specifically uses the user’s weight for resistance and allows the user to monitor their desired amounts of weight through the inclining effect. Unlike other home gym equipment, this machine offers a larger squat board and twin handles to facilitate easy exercise. Its cushioned glide board makes the whole exercise experience more comfortable and fun.

In addition, this machine can support weights of as much as 400 pounds and its extra package of exercise cards enables its users to monitor and personalize their exercise programs. I like this machine especially when it comes to its wide range of exercises and cost-efficiency. In addition, this machine takes up very little space and is therefore ideal for home storage.

I would recommend this home gym to those people who are checking on their weights or would like to slim. This machine has however been associated with noisy bearings after only short periods of use and more still, it is a bulky machine and therefore ineffective for temporary home gyms.

     Pros      Cons
  • Is preassembled thus the user does need not have any assembling skills
  • Offers a one-year warranty period
  • Supports quite a variety of exercises
  • Easier to store.
  • Bulky home gym equipment
  • May not be an effective machine for the older and aging.

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#8. Inspire Fitness M2 Home Gym

Inspire Fitness M2 Home Gym

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This machine is a subsequent upgrade of the M3 machine and it, therefore, features several improvements that are not offered by the M3 home gym. Its fully adjustable seat makes it ideal for most body types. This feature is even more reinforced by the comfortable back support that gives the user that comfortable feeling when they are doing their vigorous exercises.

The pressing arms of this machine are designed in a way such that they can navigate through a wide range of angles thus providing more exercise options. Inspire Fitness M4 Home Gym offers a lifetime warranty to its users, one of the features I like about it.

Other special features that make me like this home gym include its iso-lateral workstations that challenge the user’s workout and correct the possible imbalances in terms of strength that may arise in the course of exercise. However, this home gym equipment is not as price-sensitive as some of the other home gyms and it takes much more space compared to some other home gym equipment.

     Pros      Cons
  • Adjustable pulley system
  • Offers iso-lateral workstations
  • High-quality equipment.
  • Cost discriminative.

#7. Body-Solid Powerline BSG10X

Body-Solid Powerline BSG10X

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Body-Solid Powerline is a home gym equipment that generalizes on the overall features of almost any other home gym. It offers over 40 exercises that are meant to strengthen the whole body and give the user that perfect modeling body. Its exercises include Ab Crunches, Chest Presses, Leg Extensions, and Lat Pulldowns, among others. This machine supports an un-upgradable weight stack of 160 pounds. its adjustable seat is meant to facilitate and enhance comfort for its users.

I specifically like this machine due to its compactness when it comes to exercise. I would recommend it to those people who do not have any experience on how to assemble home gym equipment as this machine comes in its assembled state. Its 3 pulley positions are also a special attraction as well as its special compact cables that do not require constant change. However, one needs to take note of a number of limitations associated with this home gym.

The machine does not allow upgrading and therefore it might not be the best machine for beginners who aim to increase the weight stack with time. Moreover, this machine requires quite some space and it might, therefore, be harder to store if your floor is limited. The machine also doesn’t offer any special exercises and therefore those users who would prefer some specific exercises, well, this may not be their ultimate choice.

     Pros      Cons
  • A variety of pulleys
  • Cushioned adjustable seat
  • Lifetime long-lasting cables
  • Supports a variety of exercises
  • Larger and compact.
  • Requires a larger space
  • The weight stack cannot be upgraded.

#6. Bow Flex PR1000

Bow Flex PR1000

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Bow Flex PR100 is a more powerful home gym equipment that is likely to foster your love for exercises and assist you in acquiring that attractive and easily notable athletic muscular body. It offers more than 30 exercises that are meant to challenge and build your muscles.

It allows the addition of extra weights and this makes it an ideal machine for beginners especially when it comes to lifting the weight. The power rod resistance facilitates smooth constant tension to the exerciser. Bow Flex PR100 is an ideal machine for hip reduction and ab development. The special qualities that make the machine easy to like include sensitivity when it comes to space, and its ability to support extra weight added.

It is the ultimate home gym equipment for a family whose children love fitness, as they can adjust the weights as they gain strength. In addition, this machine allows aerobics exercises, a special feature that is not encompassed in most of the other machines. This machine has however faced a lot of critics about the false weight readings that have often misled its users.

     Pros      Cons
  • Power rod easily upgradeable up to 210 pounds
  • Aerobics exercises are featured in this equipment
  • Quite compact.
  • The misleading weight bearings have faced lots of critics
  • Upgrading is only limited up to 210 pounds.

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#5. Marcy Diamond Elite Smith

Marcy Diamond Elite Smith

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This exercise cage aims at maximizing bodybuilding and general body exercise, as enhanced by its special features such as a low pulley system that is attached to a footrest to facilitate total comfort during exercise. It features a special linear bearing that makes it such a versatile machine to work with.

Most people have preferred this machine due to its ability to support a variety of exercises, which makes it look more like a club gym than a home gym equipment. It is more recommended by people of average height who may not be favored by other machines. it allows its users to perform over a hundred exercises to enhance an attractive athletic look. Its comfortable bench easily allows its users to carry out their exercises with much more comfort and ease.

I personally like and would recommend it especially due to its stability in performance and convenience when it comes to its prices. I, however, dislike its rigidity when it comes to weight addition as it only supports a fixed weight of 100 pounds. In addition, it is space insensitive and it uses more floor space as compared to other home gym equipment.

     Pros      Cons
  • Economical in terms of cost and price
  • It is off ground base makes it more stable
  • Pays keen interest in user safety through features like stoppers.
  • The weight stack cannot be upgraded
  • Uneconomical in terms of space.

#4. Body Solid EXM3000LPS

Body Solid EXM3000LPS

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The first special feature of this machine is that it can support two to three people who exercise simultaneously. It has an outstanding strength that gives it the ability to support a number of users at the same time. It has a multi-purpose press arm that has a variety of uses ranging from shoulder press, incline press, and bench press.

Despite its wide range of uses, this machine is very economical on space and it can be easily stored in a home gym accompanied by other fitness equipment. It carries a wide variety of workstations such as pec station, ab crunch, pulley stations, and the mentioned multi-press stations. Its strong leg press can support as much as 420 pounds. Its comfortable ab crunch and mid-pulley station allow the highest degree of comfort to its users.

Moreover, the machine carries high-density double-stitched DuraFirm Pads which guarantee its users a long-time comfortable and durable exercise. The greatest special feature that I personally like in this modern home gym equipment is its ability to support a number of people exercising simultaneously. This feature makes it a commendable training item. It can, however, be much hectic assembling the numerous parts of this machine and it might require the assistance of an experienced person to get this machine to work.

     Pros      Cons
  • Multi-press work station
  • Simultaneous multi-users
  • Upgradable
  • Adjustable seat to allow flexibility
  • Unilateral workstation
  • Advanced pulley systems.
  • A lesser base thus reduced stability
  • Quite expensive.

#3. Total Gym XLS

Total Gym XLS

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This compact modern home gym equipment supports over 80 muscle exercises for the whole body. It has that great outside look that will just add color to your gym and make you feel right at home even when you are worn out as a result of the vigorous exercises you might choose to do. Its long bench can be easily inclined or lowered and that makes it an ideal machine for a family home gym.

It has a modified pulley-and-cable system as its weight stack. It comes with a variety of Workout DVDs that enhances its ease and performance. Other packages associated with this machine include nutritional guides, exercise charts, and a training deck. Total Gym XLS can be used by both beginners and exercise experts.

It can be easily folded and this makes it easy to store in a home gym that houses other larger equipment and machines. I think this is the ideal machine for a family gym that is used by a variety of individuals. I would however not recommend it for people suffering from obesity as its resistance relies on an individual’s body weight.

     Pros      Cons
  • A wide variety of exercises
  • Quite compact
  • Easy storage
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Offers a squat stand.
  • Ineffective for people suffering from obesity.

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#2. Bowflex Xtreme 2SE

Bowflex Xtreme 2SE

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This machine is even better for those fitness lovers who operate on tight budgets. Its wide range of exercises supported makes it the ultimate choice for those people who carry out varieties of exercises or even matches better as a family home gym equipment. It comes with manuals for the exercises it supports.

It has a cushioned seat to facilitate comfort and is adjustable to ensure that users can easily carry out their exercises with the most comfort. Its compaction makes it easy to stock in a home gym that contains other machines.

I would recommend it to those fitness lovers who carry out a variety of body exercises and more still to those heavily weighted fitness lovers. It may, however, be not the best equipment for a temporary home gym since its heavyweight and compactness make it difficult and inflexible to move around.

     Pros      Cons
  • Variety of whole-body exercises
  • The convenient modern cable pulley system
  • Easily adjustable to facilitate comfort
  • Offers a stronger weight resistance.
  • Does not feature training manuals
  • Does not feature accessory racks.

#1. BodyCraft Xpress Pro

BodyCraft Xpress Pro

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Based on its durability, this machine is built strongly to guarantee a lifetime of service to its users. It supports over one hundred exercises and an approximate maximum weight of up to 400 pounds.

Among the many advancements and innovations exhibited by this machine include its adjustable cable arms that are meant to support the man exercises that the machine is meant for. For the first time, BodyCraft Xpress Pro offers three pulleys that allow its users to carry out various upper, lower and abdominal body exercises.

I like and would recommend this machine to all persons who are sensitive about floor space, and comfort as its seat is fully adjustable, and a number of exercises are supported by a home gym machine.

     Pros      Cons
  • Over 100 exercises
  • Economical in terms of price
  • Durable
  • The whole-body workout
  • Lifetime warranty period
  • Leg press stations.
  • Concentrates more on the upper body workouts
  • Ineffective for taller users.


In conclusion, it is always recommended that before the actual purchase of any home gym equipment, one should always consider a number of factors, that will help them to purchase their exact desired quality. Amazon offers most of the home gym equipment at affordable prices and enables people to access such home gyms from different diverse locations across the world.

People who would like to purchase home gym equipment should first check on their financial status since some equipment are much more expensive than others. They should also check on their available floor area that will be used for the storage of the equipment.

Larger equipment requires more floor areas. Other important factors to consider include the number and type of exercises available, the availability of skills that might be required in the assembly of the home gym, and more importantly, the warranty periods and covers guaranteed by the equipment. A combined consideration of these factors should help anyone to access the equipment of desire!

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