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Top 10 Best Cat Carriers for Small Cats under 25 in 2023 Reviews

A cat carrier is a smart and valuable investment for cat owners for the first time. It is essential for pet owners who are always on the move and want their pets to be with them. They are particularly useful when you take your cat to the vet. A cat carrier minimizes the damage caused to his car while driving to a particular area, visiting the veterinarian’s office, or during emergencies. It is also ideal when moving to a new house, during a long-distance trip, or even during a hotel stay.

Also, a suitable carrier helps deter the cat from wandering around the vehicle while it is moving, which can lead to driver distraction, or worse. However, it’s a challenge for many to find the best cat carrier. Luckily, you do not have to browse through the many options available. Inside this article, you will read through several factors to help you pick the right models. Also, there is a list of the top 10 best car carriers you can buy.

List of Top 10 Best Cat Carriers in 2023

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Imagine taking two to three days to select a model to buy and ending up buying the wrong product. It can be frustrating. And to help you avoid that, here is a list of the top ten best carriers you can buy and get to protect your cats without much hassle.

#10. Necoichi Portable Cat Cage

Necoichi Portable Cat Cage

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The Necoichi Portable Cat Cage is another well-built car carrier to keep you stress-free and always ready to go. It’s designed to pop up in seconds to give your cat a safe and comfy place to stay during the journey. It’s a versatile cat carrier ideal for traveling, emergencies, a private room, or even an escape room for cats.

It also features sizeable roll-up mesh panels for excellent maximum ventilation and visibility. There are also zipper locks to prevent a cat from escaping, safe and reliable. On top of that, the carrier also comes with an easy-to-clean dual-sided, removable, and waterproof fleece mat for easy maintenance.

Key Features:
  • Maximum ventilation and visibility
  • Large Roll-up mesh panels
  • Pops up in seconds
  • Safe, comfy place
  • Zipper lock.
Reasons to Buy:
  • It’s designed from a deep understanding of the cat’s and owner’s needs
  • Large enough to fit two cats easily and with a travel litter box.
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#9. Pet Magasin Collapsible Cat Carrier

Pet Magasin Collapsible Cat Carrier

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Gift yourself some peace of mind and also keep your cat comfy and stress-free by getting the Pet Magasin Hard Cover Cat Carrier. It’s a collapsible pet travel kennel that comes with a top load. It’s an idea for cats, small puppies, and more. Additionally, this cat carrier offers the best features of both soft and hard carriers.

As an innovative pet carrier, it features a unique design with everything you and your cat could need in a cat carrier. It also has a hardtop and base to offer your cat studier protection from rain, accidental bumps, and damp ground. It also gives them a firm standing surface. Additionally, this carrier is made from premium materials with a YKK zipper and touch panels.

Key Features:
  • Comfortable lie-down place
  • Hard Base and Protection
  • Extra-safe and breathable
  • A firm surface to stand on
  • Tough, breathable mesh
  • Spacious inside
  • Easy for storage.
Reasons to Buy:
  • Offers a comfortable inside with sturdy protection
  • It’s an extra-safe and breathable cat carrier
  • Has a convenient lie-down place.

#8. PetAmi Premium Airline Approved Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier

PetAmi Premium Airline Approved Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier

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Get the chance to give your cat the same kind of love and care it gets in a home on a plane too. With the Petpeppy Premium Pet Carrier, you get the chance to give your safe cat travel while lying down with maximum comfort and safety during the whole journey. It’s an airline-approved expandable carrier designed to provide any pet with the best relaxation and protection needed.

It also features expertly designed roof ventilation which allows maximum air circulation to keep your cat from overheating and also provides a fresh supply of oxygen. Additionally, this piece of mastery is made from high-quality eco-friendly, safe, and durable materials. There is also removable plush fleece bedding, spacious storage compartments, and a padded shoulder strap for comfortable carry.

Key Features:
  • Expertly constructed roof ventilation
  • Expandable double-entry design
  • Pristine Grade Nylon Material
  • Comfortable, washable liner
  • High-quality zippers
  • Superior quality.
Reasons to Buy:
  • It comes with a soft padded shoulder strap for a comfortable carry
  • It uses high-quality, eco-friendly, durable, and safe materials
  • It’s a durable, lightweight, and sturdy cat carrier.

#7. Pet Magasin Cat Carrier

Pet Magasin Cat Carrier

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Here is another high-performance cat carrier from Pet Magasin. It’s an airline-approved, water-resistant, soft-sided, and collapsible kennel ideal for cats, puppies, small dogs, and small animals. It comes in a perfect universal size for most pets. It’s also designed to work with all major airlines.

It’s constructed with your cat’s safety in mind. Its hard collapsible steel frame holds it in shape when the end zips get zipped. It’s also lightweight and fashionable; it’s made from durable and luxurious materials. Additionally, this model folds flat for secure storage. On top of that, the carrier uses waterproof materials, which makes it easy to clean.

Key Features:
  • Lightweight and fashionable design
  • Ventilation mesh window
  • Durable & long-lasting
  • Holds its shape
  • Easy to clean.
Reasons to Buy:
  • Adjustable cushioned shoulder strap and a carry handle for easy carry
  • Features a sturdy construction ideal for keeping your cat safe
  • It folds flat for secure storage.
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#6. Petmate Top Load Kennel

Petmate Top Load Kennel

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Next up is the sturdy, high-quality Petmate Dog Kennel. It’s a secure home, a travel-friendly kennel with two top loads. It also adapts to meet your and your pet’s needs. The top-load door offers easy access allowing you to put both hands inside. Also, there are vented sides and double doors designed to provide enough fresh air and at most visibility.

The Petmate Kennel is designed with small pets in mind. It comes in two different small sizes allowing you to select the ideal size for your cat. Additionally, this carrier is designed to be durable and safe for travel. It features a steel top door that is reinforced with durable plastic to give it enhanced strength. And to ensure safe transporting, this carrier is securely fastened using a wing nut-and-bolt design.

Key Features:
  • Maximum ventilation and visibility
  • Durable wing nut-and-bolt design
  • Durable, ergonomic handle
  • Wide, top-entry door
  • Easy-squeeze latches.
Reasons to Buy:
  • Offers safe and comfortable transport
  • It is a perfect tool for housetraining
  • It is air travel approved.

#5. Sherpa Original Travel Deluxe Pet Carrier

Sherpa Original Travel Deluxe Pet Carrier

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The Sherpa Travel Original Deluxe Pet Carrier is the top-rated model on the list. It’s a perfect airline-approved cat carrier that will allow you to travel in style and comfort. It features a patented spring wire frame designed to allow its rear end to be pushed down several inches for it to conform to any under-the-seat requirements.

Additionally, this pet carrier has a mesh windows design to provide maximum ventilation and top/side entry with locking zippers for added safety. There is also a padded carrying strap and a seat/luggage strap for a safe journey. The Sherpa Travel carrier also comes with a rear pocket for convenient storage for bags, leashes, treats, and more.

Key Features:
  • Adaptable, no-slip shoulder strap
  • Mesh panels for ventilation
  • Padded hand-carry belts
  • Seatbelt/luggage strap
  • Top and side entry.
Reasons to Buy:
  • It comes with a machine-washable faux lambskin liner
  • Features Locking zippers for added cat safety.

#4. Pet Fit For Life Cat Cage/Condo

Pet Fit For Life Cat Cage/Condo

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If you need a sizeable collapsible cat carrier, here is a useful model for you. The Pet Fit For Life Cat Cage and condo is large enough to host two full-grown cats comfortably. It’s also fully collapsible for secure storage when not in use. It’s ideal for keeping your cats safe and contained while traveling or when you have company or during disasters or emergencies.

Additionally, this model is made from extremely durable nylon fabric and a flexible, yet sturdy steel frame to make it super durable and long-lasting. Apart from giving your cats a spacious interior to move around, this carrier also has a super soft velvet that covers the floor pad for comfort. Furthermore, it has two windows and a solid zippered front door with screens.

Key Features:
  • Plenty of ventilation and flaps
  • Maximum comfort and utility
  • Collapsible, lined litterbox
  • Spacious and comfortable
  • A soft velour bed pad
  • Flexible and versatile
  • Integrated loops.
Reasons to Buy:
  • It’s a superior value and dramatically improves the cat’s quality of life
  • Large enough to host comfortably two full-grown cats
  • It’s perfect for keeping cats contained and safe.

#3. EliteField Soft Sided Pet Carrier

EliteField Soft Sided Pet Carrier

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Next, we have the EliteField Soft-Sided Pet Carrier, which features a unique bag-like design. It’s available in a couple of sizes and colors to fit diverse preferences. As an airline-approved pet carrier, it’s ideal for cats and other small pets. It comes with a removable fleece bed cover that also features an insertable hard support board.

The design keeps the carrier in the best shape while also keeping the cat feeling comfortable. Additionally, there is a built-in leash designed to allow your cat to stay secured to the carrier. The durability of this model is high-class too. Its construction features a durable, lightweight, and waterproof material which allows it to serve for years.

Key Features:
  • Adjustable padded shoulder strap
  • Lightweight, durable, waterproof
  • Removable fleece bed cover
  • Many carrying options
  • Hand carrying straps
  • Easy to clean.
Reasons to Buy:
  • It is airline approved pet carrier and ideal for cats and other small pets
  • Comes with a built-in leash to keep your cat secured to the carrier
  • Designed with safety in mind.
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#2. PetAmi Deluxe Pet Backpack Carrier

PetAmi Deluxe Pet Backpack Carrier

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PetAmi is not a new name when it comes to pet accessories. Today, there have the Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack designed for small cats and puppies, including small dogs. It’s well-ventilated and also comes with a two-sided entry. The backpack also has safety features and cushion back support. It’s a backpack ideal for travel, outdoor use, or even hiking.

It’s designed for maximum convenience and comfort for your pet and you while carrying it. Its meshed area gives a better airflow, and the two-entryway offer easy access. Additionally, there is a zip-up mesh window offering more headroom and better visibility. The PetAmi cat backpack is also constructed with safety in mind. It comes with a firmly reinforced structure that prevents itself from collapsing on the cat while you travel.

Key Features:
  • High-grade 600D polyester construction
  • Maximum convenience and comfort
  • Two-way entry easy access
  • Safety strap and buckle
  • Well ventilated design
  • Optimal airflow.
Reasons to Buy:
  • Made from high-grade 600D polyester for a long-lasting experience
  • Offers superior comfort and convenience
  • Secures a pet and prevents escape.

#1. SportPet Designs Travel Cat Carrier

SportPet Designs Travel Cat Carrier

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Here is a cat carrier that is designed specifically for cats. The Sportsnet Designs Travel Cat Carrier is a foldable plastic collapsible carrier with a wide side-opening front door. The door design makes the cats feel comfortable walking inside. It also shuts smoothly. It’s an ideal carrier to keep your cat safe and happy.

With this carrier model, transporting your cat becomes much more comfortable. It also makes it easy for veterinarians in handling the cat. The quality of this cat carrier is also outstanding. It’s made from impact-resistant polypropylene which is also extremely long-lasting. It also folds down to a reduced size for secure storage.

Key Features:
  • High-strength premium polycarbonate
  • Handy portable design
  • Metal hardware pins
  • Plenty of ventilation
  • Easy to clean.
Reasons to Buy:
  • It’s wide enough for your cat to have plentiful visibility to stay safe and calm
  • It’s a convenient pet Taxi for cats and puppies.

Factors to consider when choosing the Best Cat Carriers:

Settling on a suitable cat carrier isn’t a walk in the park. You do need to get it right to have a good investment that keeps your cat(s) safe while keeping them safe. Here are some of the considerations you need to keep at your fingertips while making the decision.

  • Size – The first thing you need to check is the size of your cat and the size of the cat carrier. The carrier must give your cat ample space to stand, sit, and walk around. Also, do not buy a too-big cat carrier that is hard to carry around or even store. Additionally, the cat carrier you buy needs to meet the airline’s required size if you’re planning to fly with your cat. Make sure you measure your cat’s height and width before you select a carrier to make sure you pick the correct fit.
  • Durability – The durability of a cat carrier is something you need to give attention to. Ensure the fabric used in making the carrier is of high quality and excellent durability. That way, you will be sure that the kennel will be able to keep your cat safe for years to come.
  • Safety – Safety is essential for both you and your Cat friend. You must make sure that the cat carrier you are about to buy was designed with safety in mind. If it’s a collapsible carrier, then it needs to feature a mechanism to prevent it from folding while the cat is inside. Additionally, there needs to be enough ventilation for better airflow. On top of that, the visibility needs to be ideal to keep the cat calm.
  • Entry door – Do not forget to check the entry door design. The cat needs to feel natural while entering. Also, you need to have enough room to put your hands in to help the cat if there is a problem or while cleaning.


With a suitable cat carrier, you get to keep your friend safe and sound, whether it’s at home or while on the go. Everything you need to find the best cat carrier is in this article. You do not have to go through struggles anymore. With the list above and the buying guide, you should be able to settle on a suitable cat carrier ideal for your needs.

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